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Room Maps needed
By: Talibar Zukro , on: 2014-04-12 15:13:58
I am starting a little contest since actual grid travelling is arriving shortly. I just need to finish up some of the Galactic Map. However, in the meantime I have gone ahead and developed some images of facilities for the game. Just the ones that are important at the moment.

If anyone is interested in developing multi story grid based room layout (You can use paint, Excel, Word... Whatever can help you to show off the floor plans easily) you will be rewarded for each entry.

Here are the rules for this. Each facility MUST have the following room types:

*Control Room

Optional Room Types:
*Mechanical Repair
*Medical Room
*Surveillance Room
*Jail Cell
*Docking Bay
*Display Room (For museums, mansions, etc...)
*Recreational Room

One room is allowed to be more than one type.So you can have a Dining Room, Entrance/Exit and Control Room be all in one room.

The Grid system is devises this way: If I ask for a four by four room, you will need four rows across and four rows down like so:
If I ask for a 2x2, then it would be designed like this on each floor:

Etc... However, the rule is not strict. You have have 4x4, but every square does not need to occupy a room space. It may be empty. The Grid Size is basically just a rule or guideline to follow. So for instance, lets say we have a 6x6 facility. However, the first floor will not contain all 36 rooms. You may simply remove the spaces you do not want like so:

0000 0
00 000
000 0

I hope that makes sense. If something is multi-level, note how many stories they are and create a map where there are stairs in there as well. Please note, if you have a 100 story building and for some reason 20 floors need to be empty, simply create an elevator to skip those floors. Sub Levels it may have are considered to be the basement.

Now, here are the buildings I need done first:

Mansion (6x6, 3 stories, 1 sublevel)
5 different maps for 100 floor Skyrise Buildings (8x8, 100 stories, 10 sublevels.)
***Also needed are for 80 Stories, 70 Stories and 50 Stories all with the same sub level amounts.
Prison(8x8, 4 stories, 2 sub levels)
Imperial Palace (12x12, 60 Stories, 15 Sub Levels)
Jedi Temple (10x10, 20 Stories, 5 sub levels)
Sith Temple (10x10, 30 stories, 5 sub levels.)
Tavern (1x4, 2 stories, 1 sublevel)
Municipal Building (5x5, 5 stories, 1 sublevel)
Large Starport (15x15, 6 stories, 5 sublevels)

For each one you submit, you will receive a large reward. After these are done, more will follow. If you have questions, please post them in the comments below. Thanks Everyone.


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