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About Star Wars: Battle for Supremacy
Welcome to "Star Wars: Battle for Supremacy" MMORPG. We hope you enjoy your visit. This is an exciting new RPG game which creates a visually immersive universe for you to explore so that you can visually see and feel your surroundings as you role play while at the same time perform actions in-game.
The game has an ever growing amount features to facilitate role playing and character/faction development.


*Fully functioning game news system with RSS Feeds and user comments:

*Galactic Game News, Faction news and automated Galactic date:

*Fully functioning forums with the ability to post, edit and mod a forum. You can even add poles to select forums! The GM Forums have the ability for GM's and Mods to provide rewards for their post. Do you like a particular topic or post? You can Plus or Minus it or even keep up with it by subscribing to a topic.

*Private Messaging with an inbox, outbox and sent folder. You can delete or reply to messages if you choose. You can even set an automated PM introductory message via your profile.

*Profiles. You may edit or view your own or view other profiles. You may add a signature for the forums and PM as well as add your avatar.

*You may transfer credits to other players.

*You may level up with XP. This will also add to your available skill points once skills are implemented.
*You may view who is at your location currently and even attack them to gain some XP's.
*You have in-game notification system which will alert you when something happens.
*Can you be force sensitive? If you are randomly chosen to be force sensitive, you can be detected. Once detected, you can also detect it yourself in others.
*Traveling is currently possible in a primitive form.
*A select few Weapons and Items can be spawned and viewed in your inventory.
The game also has several administration tools built in such as accepting and denying users, spawning items and weapons, banning players, editing forums and topics/posts, Rewarding players, Posting game news and lots more!

Some of its features to be implemented are:

*Faction creation and joining
*Building cities and facilities on planets
*Travel from system to system, planet to planet, city to city, building to building, room to room. (Partially Implemented)
*Build up stats to perform on timed quests and to use in your role plays.
*Creating, upgrading, selling, trading, buying ships, vehicles, weapons, items and more with each other and NPC Shops.
*Battling NPC's
*Special Role playing abilities on the forums - Role play like you have never RP'd before!
*Social Networking with other users of the game. Keep in touch, write a blog, just get together with your friends.
*Have both a built in faction page within the game and one thats external!
*So many cool features not even described!

Stay tuned and follow our progress. You won't want to miss our updates.
How can you help?
Advertise! That is the best thing you can do. Let others know about the game. Get a group of players. Then join a faction(Or don't, the choice is yours). The more popular the game becomes, the more out there it is and the more interesting it becomes.

Post on our forums. Be active in telling us what you think, roleplaying or just posting random thoughts.

Are you knowledgeable of Star Wars? Care to help expand the game? We will need a team to use our tools to insert data into games content (Universe, planets, entities, etc..) so that players have much to explore.

Have a skill that can be useful such as in art? Let us know as well. If you have anything else that you can bring to the table, we are all ears.

Any help will be rewarded with OOGP(Out of Game Points) which can be used on assets and other features within the game.
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