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Site Update 2
By: Talibar Zukro , on: 12/27/2012
We have made a new update to the game client as you all may have noticed(Those of you who are here)..

*We have a new theme installed for the site. Therefore it looks different.
*The site now has a new and official logo displayed at the top of the page.
*Fixed some styling errors.
*Fixed how credits are displayed on the website. Now the comma's will be in the proper place.
*Made sure the site is a bit more responsive in terms of different resolutions or device displays. Not perfect, but it works in most cases and in every other case, everything is still functional.

*In the last update we added usergroups, now forums can have more than one usergroup assigned to it.
*Forum topics can now be pinned(Stickied) for the forums.

The Force:
*If you are force sensitive and known, your stats are now displayed.

Currency system:
*You can now see and exchange your credits.
*Failsafes have been implemented so that users can not cheat.
*Notifications will be sent to both parties that receive and send credits.
*If some day the user will have over a trillion credits, the system will now make adjustments to how it displays that on the menu so that it does not destroy the layout of the site.

Notification system:
*A way to record events in the game has been added.
*You now receive event notifications based on the credits system.
*Event alert system has been implemented to notify you of each time an event occurs.
*Event page has been added and will mark the alerts as read once you go to the page.

*As always, we looked for bugs and squashed them.
*With every update, we make sure that the system still performs with top notch security, so of course, we improved in this area.

Not as much or as promising as the last update, but I think the new site look really made a major improvement on the enjoyment of the site. Stay tuned. More improvements are coming.


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