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Small news
By: Talibar Zukro , on: 2019-11-26 13:28:03
Just a small update... There was an issue with the forums where you could no longer switch between boards(EG: Sim boards, RPG boards, etc..). That's been resolved using some refactored code.
I am working on several different items at the moment. Unfortunately the new site design took a slight back seat. So I am thinking the re-design will come this weekend or the next.
There are two features that I have been hard at work with at the moment. One is the travel system. There is a barebones system in place and there is a timing system in place. However, what is needed is also is regular ground to ground travel, entity travel and some further development on the space/atmospheric travel.
The other feature I have been working on is the NPC dialogue and quest system. At the moment, the scripting engine for NPC's is a bit clunky and most likely difficult for non-programmers to use. This will limit severely how many will actually make use of this system and will slow down quest production for the administration. Therefore it will be replaced with a nicer visual design interface and will still allow all the same features and more.

I also have two surprises by next week too... 😉


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