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Updated Game time: Yuushan Vong invasion in the Co
By: Talibar Zukro , on: 2019-10-29 13:32:13
The game is under-going several changes. Most changes are happening behind the scenes. Right now, the system is a customized content management system called SimCMS that I created that handles all the web, back end and game functionality for Star Wars BFS. A lot of changes are occurring there to allow smoother game operation and more functionality and game play as well as speedier development. That is taking place nicely.

My next goal is to alter the CSS content of the website and redesign it into something spectacular.

The most notable change that took place at this moment is the game time that this game takes place in. Over the years I have changed this repeatedly. I only did so since 99% of registered users have been inactive for long periods of time. As such, the game time has undergone a lot of changes. I am making one such change as well. I am leaving the game as part of an un-official spin off to the Star Wars Combine(www.swcombine.com). However, rather than take place during the Old Republic time, I have decided to have this take place in the year 316 Combine time. The story however does not focus on the first order or during a long history of Empire Vs Republic issues. Rather, this will take place in a timeline nearly 300 years in the future and in it's 12 year of the Yuushan Vong invasion.

The reason for this change is for legal, convenience and interest reasons. I say legal because at the moment the Yuushan Vong invasion is considered a legends story plot. On top of that, the invasion occurs 30 or so years after Return of the Jedi, not 300 years. So the game takes place in a time that has not been relatively touched in official Star Wars Canon or Legends canon. Further more, with an Old Republic game, movie and such coming out, having this game not take place during the same time period will not draw unnecessary attention. I say for interest reasons because the truth is that with The Old Republic MMORPG out and the Star Wars Combine taking place during the Old Trilogy time and beyond... not a lot of interest would be generated in this game. However, creating a game set during the Yuushan Vong invasion might generate some interest, especially if it supposedly takes place in the timeline of another popular online game. I set it during the time it is set in for convenience because this allows me to use a plot device that gives the game that is set in an established universe a clean slate. EG: It takes place in the Star Wars combine timeline and universe, yet the universe is blank enough because of the Vong that we can recreate it anew. It is also conveniently set 300 years into the future rather than 30 years since the combine is in it's 20th year of gameplay. I did not want the game to eventually overlap and cause continuity issues. I wish the Combine the best, of course, but I do not think either game will last 300 years, nor would anyone playing now survive that long. LOL.

So, without further ado, I have gone ahead and changed the timeline of the game. This week I will wipe out the factions. The game has a lot of development to go through. But that doesn't mean that in the meantime it can't be fun. Create a roleplay thread in the forums and let's have some fun!


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