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An update before release of travel: SimCMS
By: Talibar Zukro , on: 2018-09-12 07:43:25
I will be changing the name of the engine from BFS to SimCMS. It is more appropriate and combines all the elements of the engine in one simple title. We have moved away over the years from SWUM as our partnership SW Unleashed was short lived. The system is also more than a battle engine or Sim. Thus, I feel that SimCMS is more appropriate. I have also decided to refer to all the sub-engine parts(EG: Travel Engine, Communications Engine, etc..) to Modules. The site content will be known as Components. This is a more modern and streamlined way of referring to Content Management Systems these days anyway. Please see below for current Module versions:

[b]Overall Engine Version: [/b]SimCMS 0.689

[b]Communication Module:[/b] 0.72
[b]Character Module:[/b] 0.60
[b]Forums Module:[/b] 0.90
[b]Travel Module:[/b] 0.77
[b]Privilege Module:[/b] 0.45
[b]News Module:[/b] 0.95
[b]Battle Module:[/b] 0.10
[b]CMS Module:[/b] 0.761
[b]Backend Module:[/b] 0.871


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