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Projected Roadmap
By: Talibar Zukro , on: 2017-08-22 15:47:56
So I wanted to give an update as to what is coming out over the next few months. I will need to be as realistic as possible as I can in regards to this as I am an only developer with a family that includes two small children of my own to take care of. With not a lot of interest in the game either, I also lose motivation. But this game has been years in the making and I Refuse to just let it die without having it become some what complete.

The 2017-2018 roadmap:

August to September 2017:
1)During the next month or so I want to complete a barebones battle simulator that will simulate a little more than the outcome of the winner and loser. I want it to give a blow by blow depiction of what is going on in the battle along with how your XP is gained through the match as well as how your HP is lost. HP will be regained every hour at 25% of your max HP. You will no longer have the limit of attacking 4 times a day or being attacked at most 3 times a day. From this point on it all depends on your HP available and the recovery rate. With the rate of recovery and the possibility of simming a battle, you should have the same if not more ability to do battle within a typical day. With the way the battle simulation will work, you should still have a good amount of XP that you may earn with a potential to earn much more than you have been earning.
2) I plan on implementing the ability to equip weapons. Every player who has signed and continues to sign up until October will receive two knives and two DL-44 Blasters into their inventory. The simulation will take into account the weapons you are equipped with.
3) I plan on adding XP to those who successfully train in a force point.
4) Finally, with the force, lightside force users will have the ability to detect the dark side in a user. If a dark side user has over 750 trained points combine(Light and Dark) and you have 25% more dark side points than Light side points, a force user can detect the dark side in you in addition to detecting the force in general. This works for both sides really. If you are a dark side user and are looking to recruit others to the dark, if you do not sense the dark side in them, then you know they are not dark enough. And vice versa if you are a lightside user you will know if there is darkness with an individual. In the future there will be additional skills and force powers to use to further work with this and alter this ability.

October 2017:
1)Skills. A general outline of how skills will work, how you can train in them and such is already being finalized. By October I will have enough to display and train the skills your character has. This will be for Force Skills and non-force skills.
2)With Force skills implemented, you will now have the ability to untrain yourself in unused light or dark points. With each point you gain in a dark or light side skill, you may use those to add force skill points. Every 10 dark side points will allow you to add a point to a dark side skill. Every 10 Light side points to a light side skill. Every 10 points of combined dark or light can go towards a base force skill. You can not untrain a base force skill and in order to untrain a force side point, you will need to compensate with the other side of the force... That all sounded very confusing, but will be clarified later on. Untraining will take longer than actual training. Once you remove a skill or force point, you can not get those points back without retraining yourself.
3)Generic Ground travel will be implemented. No city entering or anything like that at the moment and everyone will be transferred to Tatooine at first.

November 2017:
Better ground and space travel via space ports will be introduced, along with the ability to create cities.

December 2017:
1) Space ship and vehicle inventory will be added.
2) Better battle simulation taking into consideration your skills and weapons abilities.

Stay tuned for more to come


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