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1.0 Your Character Details

1.1- Name:

Your character's name is unique. Pick one that suits you and is appropriate for your species or characters background. Regardless of what you decide to choose as a species, your character will require a first and last name. This name can not contain the following:

*Full canon names of characters (Major or Minor) contained in the Star Wars Canon Movie/TV Universe or official Expanded Universe material.

*Can not contain titles or ranks within your name(Captain, Darth, Master, Mr, Mrs, Sir, etc...).

*Can not contain special characters such as ! ' , - @#$%^&(){}[]:;?/\|=_+~`, etc...

*Can not contain numbers

*Can not contain internet Jargon such as l33t or w00t, etc...

*Official names from other stories or brands are not allowed, eg: Doctor Who, Peter Parker, Bruce Wayne, The Mountain, etc...

Your first and last name must use proper capitalization and not random capitalization.

Examples of bad names:

Darth Jarvis, Master Luke, Luke Skywalker, Leia Organa, Han Solo, Super User 123456, w00t Fett, Boba Fett. MasTeR John, jOhNN HoDGEs, etc...

Examples of Acceptable names:

John Solo, Luke Fett, Jarvis Jane, Jaina Calrisian, etc...

If your character was previously killed or dropped, you may not use his/her name for your new character nor any likeness to them. Your character can not be a clone of your previous character. Your new character can however be a relative or friend of your previous character. Therefore, you may use the same last name, but not the same full name.

1.2- Password:

Your password needs to be Unique and Secure. To prevent easily hacking into your account, we have placed a strict rule on passwords. Your password must be a minimum of 8 characters. Your password must contain at least 1 lowercase and 1 uppercase letter as well as 1 number. Creating a unique password with those rules will make it harder for someone close to you or even an outsider from hacking into your account easily.

Please do not share your password with anyone. Please do not allow someone else to log into your account for you. Sharing your password with someone other than yourself or allowing someone else to log in to your account will be cause for a permanent ban from the game.

1.3- Species:

Please review the available species and races available to choose from. Species will not have any restrictions and all will be available to become Force Sensitive if the server chooses to. Each Species will have it's own advantage when it comes to skills. Please choose your species responsibly.

Please note that while species do have an already placed advantage in one area, they are not limited from learning any other skills. However, they will have the ability to hone those particular skills that they are especially good at to a higher level than others.

While every species will have an opportunity to be chosen to be force sensitive, each species will have a different percentage chance at receiving force sensitivity.

1.4- Gender:

While there are some species that can provide a neutral gender, this will not be allowed or changed in this game. Please choose Male or Female according to how you wish to play your character.

1.5- Starting Location:

While not a set location for you to be, you may choose a starting location based on where in your adventures as a character you wish to pick up from. For each starting location that you choose, you will be located within an NPC-Only controlled world, which means that no faction can rule over. On NPC-Only worlds, players are allowed to populate the planet, but will cost more to do so. This will be covered in a different subject.

Each starting location will contain everything you need to get started within the game. Your character will be transported into a commerce center at start. From there, you can purchase some basic items and meet other players. Within the commerce center, you will encounter NPC's with quests or whom you can brawl with to obtain some XP. The initial quests are small and will guide you through some of the basic features of the game. Once completed(Or even if not), you will be able to begin other quests to gain more skills and items or credits.

In your starting planet and city, you will find starports, casino's and other useful things to do. Quests will be primarily to gain XP and some credits, Casino's will help you on your quest to build up or lose credits, shops will provide you with equipment needed in your journey's and starports will bring you wherever you need to be. In all, you will have everything you need to get started and start adventuring.

Your starting locations to choose from will be:




Skor II


From either of these locations it will be possible to travel directly back and forth to each other while also being able to travel to any of these planets from all of those locations:


Yavin 4


Nal Hutta









New Alderaan

As far as traveling any where else in the known Star Wars Universe, you will either need to obtain your own ship, find transport from another player or faction or find a player built starport which has a different destination than the ones built above.

1.6- E-mail:

When registering with us, please provide an e-mail address of an e-mail that is meant to last the long haul of your gaming career with us. Your primary e-mail is where a list of your dead/dropped characters will be contained. If you had to re-create, you would still login with this e-mail, which means that forgotten passwords, newsletters, updates, Private Message notifications and subscribed forum topic notifications will be sent to. If you plan on changing your e-mail address at any point, please submit a ticket in the Game Help Forum under Accounts and Passwords support forum and we will go ahead and look into that for you.

1.7- At Start up

Once your player is created, you will need to confirm him via e-mail and the administration team will also need to confirm and approve your player. Once done, you can begin playing the game and posting on the forums. As you have registered, even more details and events are open to you on your own personal character and member page.

At start up, you will receive a random amount of credits above the minimum given to all players. The minimum amount you will start with will allow you to purchase some minor weapon and clothing and even a supply or two. Purchase appropriately. The random modifier can give you 0 extra credits or millions. If you are really lucky, you may even get a billion(But do not count on this).

Every player will also begin with 45 HP plus their skill modifier. The skill modifier is determined based on the species you chose who if has a higher strength skill(Or other skills) than others, you will begin with extra skill points already assigned to that skill and whatever HP increase that particular skill point brings in addition to the 45 HP you begin with.

Every player will receive 1000 OOGP(Out of Game Points) at start. You can of course earn more. Please read our currency rules to determine how this is done and what OOGP are used for.

Every player will have a chance at being force sensitive. To know more about this, please read our force rules.
2.0 Rules of Life and Death

2.1 Death

Your character will not be able to die until he reaches level 5. At that level, you will be given an option of allowing your character to be killed by enemies and/or other situations. However if you feel that your character requires more time to build himself up and stand a chance against the rest of the galaxy, you can keep the death switch on off until Level 7. Once on Level 7, your player is no longer protected and can die at that point.

Death will not be strictly allowed until Level 5 so as to give players a chance to create a good enough character to be a formidable foe against others. This is also to prevent any veterans from easily defeating, capturing or killing a new player or slew of new players. A situation like that can be discouraging to new players who put a lot of work into their characters.

2.2 Dropping characters

Characters can not be dropped at level 1 or 2 unless your character has been created over a year ago. You must make an effort before dropping and re-creating your character. You are only allowed to re-create up to 2 characters per year after having already played a year. This is to prevent players abusing the percentage system where anyone not force sensitive will recreate until they are force sensitive. This also forces players to live up to any wrong decisions or mistakes they have made as a character in-game, rather than just suiciding the character all together.

2.3- Character Histories

Each character you create will have a database of history they performed. Any role play or scenario's you participated in will be saved. Your characters personal time line will be saved. Any recorded memorable action will also be saved. If your character was killed or dropped, your account page will have a previous characters tab which will allow you to see the characters final stats, as well as all these details just mentioned. This will be your own personal record for you. However, to add to game history, some details will be saved in the game database for anyone to view. Some details will be left to you as the player to determine if you would like some or all of the remaining details published. Publishing all details can lead to providing details about other players or factions that can be undesirable. Please be careful and use discretion.

2.4- Health

Your health status is determined by your Max HP. Please note the levels of health:

81% to 100% Health = Healthy

61% to 80% Health = Slightly injured

41% to 60% Health = Heavily injured

1% to 40% Health = Critically injured

0% (Basically 0 HP) Health = Unresponsive

Below 0% = Dead

From 1% of health and above, you are still able to move around. However, you will lose any battle automatically with anyone who has more HP than you, regardless of skills, if you have only 1% left. This forces the game to make sure no unrealistic events occur and gives the player time to recover.

Unresponsive health means that you are unable to move. Anyone can rob you or finish you off(If death rules are met) in this state. You will be unable to Private message any player or post in faction or RP Forums. You will not be able to view assets. You will be useless until your health recovers to 1 HP. Please note however that if you are carrying a GPS device with emergency settings activated, your signal can be sent to your emergency contact to come and rescue you.

2.4.1- Health Point Recovery

Health points will be recovered at a rate of of the following:

0% = 2 days to receive one HP.

1HP to 40% = 2 HP + Skill point factor per day.

41% to 75% = 10 HP + Skill point factorper day.

76% to 99% = The remaining amount will be restored within the next day.

Depending on how many XP and what skills you have and how well you have that skill, you can recover sooner or later. Medical equipment can either slow your recover down or increase it depending on the skill you have in that regard.

2.5- Arrest and Capture

A character can be arrested or captured by anyone. Capturing a player occurs without an arrest warrant. When it comes to capturing a player, it is significantly harder than making an arrest. A Player who was captured will also have a higher escape skill and an extra opportunity per week to make an escape as opposed to one who was arrested.

2.5.1 Capture

Capturing occurs when a players attempts to detain another player or NPC without any government permission. Bounty Hunters, Mercenaries, Pirates and other criminals typically are the kind of players that capture without a warrant or official sanction.

Capturing a player will bring down your light side force score if you are force sensitive and increase your dark side force score. If you execute a captured player, your light side force score will decrease while your dark side force score will increase.

2.5.2 Arrest

An arrest is made once an official warrant has been released by a government. Only governments and security factions can issue arrest warrants. Placing an arrest will increase your light side force score. Executing an arrested captive will remove the increase in light side force score and decrease it further than it was before, while increasing your dark side force score.

2.5.3 Escaping and freeing

If you free a captured person(not arrested) your force score will increase in light side and decrease in dark side. Freeing an arrested person will work in the opposite. Freeing someone who was captured would be far easier than one who was arrested.

The same follows for escaping. If you are arrested, your chances of escape diminish. You will be give 1 chance a week to escape custody once arrested. If you are captured, your chances of escape increase and you will be given 2 opportunities per week to escape capture.

2.6.0 -Leveling

To level, you will require a certain amount of Experience Points(XP to reach that next level. All players start at Level 0. To reach level one, you must obtain 10,000 XP. Here are the XP's needed to level between each XP Level:

Levels 1 to 15: 10,000 XP per Level

Levels 16 to 40: 50,000 XP per level (Will take 200,000 XP to reach Level 16)

Levels 41-100: 100,000 XP per level (Will take 1,500,000 XP to reach Level 41)

Levels 101+ : 250,000XP per level (Will take 7,650,000 XP to reach Level 101)
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