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How it all began
The game was is currently programmed and designed by Talibar Zukro. The game came about after the developer for many years had been an active member of a game called "Star Wars Combine". While the developer still enjoys playing the game, he sought to create a similar, fresher game with some different features and a more focused approach on Role Playing on the forums.

Shortly after his plan came to mind, he approached the "Star Wars Unleashed" team. While some were hesitant to convert the game to a more sim like environment, other administrators had agreed to combine our efforts to create a new and fresh game. With time however, all members of the administration for this new simulation had parted ways.

The code for the game was not lost and months later, this game began sprouting into existence. While there was still much to do, a basic frame work began to develop. With proper development and care, plus a little bit of time, the game flourished in features and has now become what you see today. While some basic things can be accomplished, the game will always be a work in progress for as long as it will keep running.
The Future
There are still more things to come within this game. While the forums are very functional and can perform a wide range of actions that other forum systems can not, they are still lacking in some more functionality. Quite honestly, the forums may continue to be developed permanently, even after all the planned features are implemented.

There will be a travel system in place as well as a way to develop your surroundings. Even an economy will begin to take shape. However, while the game will have a fair share of unique and minor sim and gaming features, it will mostly focus on story telling via the forums.
About the Game
The game is built on a custom made content management system that is full database driven. Every single Aspect of the game has been created from scratch by the developer. Not one bit of code has been borrowed from other software.

This makes SWBFS very unique and customizable. It allows the developer to add more features and allows locating and fixing bugs to be far easier than if a 3rd party system were to be used.

Being that the game and the site is database driven, almost all parts of the site are edited off the database rather than having to develop a whole new page and design, allowing the developer to focus more on the core of the game engine and forums without having to hardcode most of the features in. This makes development blazingly fast.

For the foreseeable future, all aspects of the website will be custom made, avoiding the use of all 3rd party software/content if possible (Apart from the graphics, for now).
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