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The story


Both the Galactic Empire and the Rebel Alliance have

taken a large hit, politically and in force. The Emperor

has been presumed dead on board the second Death Star, a

powerful battle station capable of destroying full planets with a

single laser canon. Meanwhile, the rebel forces have suffered

a brutal loss in numbers. Their leader has perished amidst the

massive space battle above the Endor moon. Now both sides remain

without a leader and a diminished fleet, leaving them vulnerable

to all enemies.

As the news travels system by system of the fate of these

factions, other governments and clans are making their way

forward to take a piece of the galaxy for themselves, now

that the playing fields have evened out.

Unknown to the galaxy is the fate of the last known Jedi or

of the Sith remnants that were plaguing the galaxy as both

groups are presumed MIA. Now, a new war ensues throughout

the galaxy as this battle for supremacy continues...
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