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Ship Implementation
By: Alexis Vikram , on: 2013-08-23 18:05:39
I have begun work on implementing all of the approved ships. So far I have managed to record all of the Capital class, and Freighter class Ships. However due to technical difficulties I was not able to record any of the Fighter class ships.

Of the ships that are implemented, I have been able to record most of the statistics for those. Some stats are still needing to be balanced and or implemented. Images will also need to be uploaded.

Pending Talibar's approval of these ships, the progress for the starter ships is going extremely well. Hopefully we will see the implementation and spawning of these ships within the next week or so.

While you guys are waiting, the team highly encourages you to continue suggesting ships. Remember, any ships that you suggest that become approved will be yours as soon as the ships are spawned.

-Alexis Vikram


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