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New Staff Member
By: Alexis Vikram , on: 2013-08-14 22:50:30
I approached Talibar in regards to taking a more active role within the community and I was appointed to the following roles
I just wanted to introduce myself to the current Beta players:

Director of the Darkside Force Users

Join Request Manager

Planetary Manager/Editor

I am here to help minimize the workload for Talibar when the game comes out of beta. I am more then willing to listen to any suggestions, or ideas in regards to the listed categories. For now, my role is very minimal as not all of the tools or features are implemented.

As of now,
I will not be able to manage and or edit planet layouts due to the feature still being in the development phase.

I will not be able to answer too many questions in regards to how the force is going to work. As far as I know that feature will be worked on more extensively.

I can however,

Take any suggestions or ideas in regards to the force, and planetary management, so I can pass these on to Talibar.

I plan to start compiling a document of any suggestions the the community may have. This is so I can just pass these ideas en-mass to Talibar instead of him having to sort through them one by one.

I encourage others to also take an active role within the community. I know Talibar is working hard to get this game off the ground.


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