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Coming Soon to a more fabulous RP...
By: Talibar Zukro , on: 2013-08-03 13:01:27
Get your character images ready... I am preparing a way for you to upload to the site your very own images for your character...

Here is the first one:
Your Forum Signature. You can upload only one for this. Additional slots will require to purchase them via OOGP.

Yes, same deal as above. However, you get a few more image slots for a few different Avatar states.. If you are 10 HP less than your max, you can provide an Avatar for a sluggish looking character.
If you are at half your HP, you can provide an image for a half beaten and badly injured avatar.
If you are at 10hp or less, you can provide a near death Avatar.
If you die, you can provide a corpse shot avatar. This should make the whole game a bit more realistic and easier for others around you, when they see you, to know what is going on. It adds a thrilling Role Play experience.

Also coming within the next week, and the reason for those features above, HP loss in battle and looting. Yes, when you fight your opponent, you will receive a bit more of a play by play, but not much because I am still having to make that more complex for skills. With that though, you will manage to lose HP. I will not allow death. However, you can be looted for a random chance of up to %10 of all your earnings(Rounds up if you have less than 10 credits).

The reason why I am implementing this feature into the game right now is because it has to do with the "live" scenario option that will be making an appearance in the future. Live Scenario's are scenario's where everything your character does is live. Until it is your turn to post, your character can not move or perform any important function other than messaging, forums, entity transfers, etc... But travel and attacking will be disabled while you wait your turn. Having a visual of what is happening to you in real time and how you appear will be visible to all those who RP with you. It adds to the visual aid part of the game RP. Our first official Scenario will be held in a live scenario. That will also be when the game is out of Beta... Officially!

Also with all that... If your opponent is 15hp or less, you will see a mugging option where you can take 25% of all his earnings (I have over a gazillion credits, so good look if can beat me ;) ) . However, please note, in the very near future, when locations are completed there a few things that can be seen permanently by all characters and some that will not be visible. For instance, from the time you walk into a room or location till the time you leave, what will be said and who walks in and out will be visible to for just that perdiod. After that, it all goes by by. When you go back to the location, it resets. However, for RP purposes and to make sure you stick to your characters type and profile, if you attack or mug someone in those locations, you will always be able to see that.

The reason being for this is that I do not want you mugging people simply because you can and because you may think that the RP Aspect of the game is not connected to that. It is connected and I want players to stay IC when playing the game as much as when they are RPing.

So lots of cool stuff to come. Right now, I need experienced RP volunteers to step up and volunteer to GM official scenarios. The beginning of our story will be broken into several scenarios because unfortunately, not everyone can participate in one, otherwise that poor GM will be overwhelmed. And Honestly, too many players makes it a good chance that the scenario will never finish. So I need some volunteers between now and then so that we can discuss how this will go down. You will receive OOGP's for this. I anticipate that the live official scenarios will begin in no more than two months. It will allow death and it will be very exciting! Stay tuned.


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