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Is that rain? It can't be, we are in the basement!
By: Talibar Zukro , on: 2013-07-28 14:00:58
Last week I had created a weather system for the galaxy. I did not merge that code just yet. But its already done.

Weather will be updated every single day at a rate of 2 hours. It will vary from planet to planet and it will be continental. So you may be on a planet and it may be raining on what part of the planet, but on the other part of the planet, you will not see rain. Instead, it will be snowing. The weather system will be slightly evolving. Do not expect a genius weather system, just one that is fun and will add something to RP about. Weather history will of course be saved, so you will be able to see up to a years worth of weather for each continent. I think this really adds a nice element to the RP side of things on the forums. When you are roleplaying and you tell the system that you changed your location on the RP, the forum will tell you what the weather will be like on that part of the planet this way, if you wish, you could implement that into your RP. It will make for some interesting fun. If this becomes a success, I may one day add Earthquakes and other disasters to the game as well.

Which brings me to the basement part of the news topic. Planets can have sub levels developed below the ground and they can also have upper levels (Think Coruscant). Yes, thats right! Planets can be built up in true Star Wars Metropolis style! Further, every planet can have a varying grid size. So it will not simply just be 10x10 or 20x20. And for the right price, cities can also have varying grid sizes.

Now why am I telling you this all? Well because one, I will need art work done for planetary surfaces and for weather conditions as well as the planets themselves. If you provide some art that is free to use without any issue, you will be rewarded.

Further, I am going to be announcing a contest within the next few days (Yes another one) and you will have a major opportunity to earn some Enormous and I mean ENORMOUS prizes of planetary proportions (Hint hint). Which brings me to my next feature for the future: Players, even those who are freelancing, will be allowed to own entire planets, systems and even sectors if they some how manage that with some good RP and in-game assets. The opportunities are endless!


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