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By: Talibar Zukro , on: 2013-07-27 21:07:58
Queue 90's music!

Yes, a simple battle system to help you earn some XP's has been put in place. It does not yet take into consideration statistics and no one will die from losing.

Check the "Beings around you" console and attack whomever you would like. A player can be attacked a max of 3 times per 24 hours and you can attack players up to 4 times per 24 hours. The timer is reset every night at 10:00pm eastern time and then you may begin your attack. When statistics come into play, the limit will be removed. But for now, have fun.

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Theres a little more coming with the PvP. But I just want to finish up the forums right now. But you are going to love the next version of PvP. :D After that, PvP will take a back seat until I can add entities (Weapons, clothing, etc...) Then it will be even more fun. After that it will take a back seat until I can implement the skills properly and then it is full on hell! MWAHAHAHA :D

Posted on: 28-07-2013 13:48, BY:
Talibar Zukro

Love the PvP!

Posted on: 28-07-2013 10:39, BY:
Srota Ron

If you notice a reset in attacks, its because I am testing the reset timer. Thanks.

Posted on: 27-07-2013 21:27, BY:
Talibar Zukro

LOL. You guys just went nuts!!! I just saw like 20 events popup with people getting their heads bashed in. lol!

Posted on: 27-07-2013 21:15, BY:
Talibar Zukro

love it :D

Posted on: 27-07-2013 21:12, BY:
Jacen Smith


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