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Forums are still in progress
By: Talibar Zukro , on: 2013-07-20 08:29:24
This is to inform all of you that the Forums are still progressing nicely. I know a lot of you are anxiously awaiting to play this game. But as I stated in my welcome e-mail, the game is still technically considered to be in beta.

BUT! I am working really hard on getting these forums up and running fully for an actual RP. I apologize that it is taking so long. The problem is that we can not start a real scenario and then keep upgrading the forum with the features that I need in it for the game. Many may be asking "Whats the big deal?" But if I do not do it this way, things in the database can get screwed up and the RP's that are going on can become lost.

The solution is to just RP normally. Srota has gotten an RP up and running if anyone wants to join in. I am currently putting on hold any other development of the site and working fervently on completing the RP part of the forums. I know you probably are also saying why not just leave the forums the way they are. They function enough to play an RPG. When I finish the forums, you will see why. Like I said, this will be an experience unlike any other game and I want to make sure that this vision of mine is realized, otherwise this game would really not be distinguished from others.

So please, be patient. Great things are coming. But as you know I have programmed everything from scratch on this site and in this game so it will take me just a little more time to complete the forum function. I do appreciate your patience on this and hope you will stick around for the journey we are taking together.


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