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Rules and Guides Section
By: Talibar Zukro , on: 2013-07-17 19:17:07
You will have noticed I added a new Rules and Guides Section. This has been developed for a while, but it didn't have much content. Within the next few days I will be filling it up with some basic stuff so that we can properly play the game.

I know that the two most awaited features for everyone are the Forum Scenario's and Factions. I need to work those properly before I just open those up. I will hopefully get the scenario's up and running in a week or two. Right now we are having a discussion as to what scenarios we should be opening up officially: http://www.sw-bfs.com/index.php?siteid=post&id=130

Further, you can also roleplay a general RP with your character here: http://www.sw-bfs.com/index.php?siteid=forums&id=53

Thanks for your patience everyone. With your help, I Am sure we can make this a fun and successful game!


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