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Things are on schedule
By: Talibar Zukro , on: 01/09/2013
We are right on schedule for a registration release. Currently we allow you the ability to register on the site, but you will not be approved until the 15th.

Either way, I think a little news regarding the updates that took place over the last couple of days is worth hearing:

-Added reply count to the forums.
-You can subscribe and unsubscribe to a topic.

-Added Captcha and more security to the sign up.
-Your password must be stronger now.(At least 8 characters, 1 lower and 1 upper case letter and a number).
-A better list of species for you to select from.
-A wide list of Starting locations to choose from (Please understand, this is not the full list of planets that can be found in the game come July. We plan to have thousands more).
-You can now choose a gender. No, Neutral will not be a choice.
-An avatar, depending on your gender and species will be generated for you upon signing up. You may change it after registration within your profile page.
-Added a Math Equation for you to fill in (Just simple addition) for added security.

-Some slight fixups
-Some tighter security

Whats left to do before the 15th:

-Need to add the ability to post polls.
-Need to add plus/minus
-Need to give Moderators and GM's the ability to hand out XP and credits and OOGP.
-Blank them out and finish adding boards that need to be added.

News page:
-Need to add a comments field to the site news page, not the GNN.
-Need to add RSS feature for all news pages.

-Password recovery
-Add an OOGP field in the database
-Profile Editing

-Ability to join the factions that are available at start.

-Just need to add some general content (Faction descriptions, etc..)

-View others that are at the same starting location as you are on.

Do not worry. It seems like a lot, but this will all get done before the 15th. Most of those items have already been partially developed and just need some fine tuning. Be prepared! :)

After that, the goal for the 27th to the 30th is to add Scenario specific forums and some game rules for when it is finished.


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