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Update 3
By: Talibar Zukro , on: 12/29/2012
We have a new update for those of you following:

-Set a fixed background image and centered it a bit on the main page.
-Added a new and official logo for the site/game.
-Did some cosmetic changes to the sites look.

Log in system:
-Returns you to the page you were on when you logged in so you do not lose your place.
-Checks to make sure that you confirmed your e-mail address and that an admin confirmed you.
-Checks to see if you have been banned from the game.

-Will check to see if you are a registered user already.
-Will make sure you provide an e-mail.
-Will send out a registration e-mail so that the user can confirm their e-mail account on the site.

-Added number of views to the forums.
-Added the ability to lock forum topics.
-Added new pinned and locked icons for the topics.

-The site functions perfectly for MacOS, Windows, Linux, Android OS, IOS, WebOS using Opera, IE, Chrome, Firefox and Safari and has a decent responsive setting for different resolutions and displays. Of course, not all the special design features are maintained throughout all systems and browsers as all are not completely compatible with CSS 3 and HTML 5 fully. However, for the most part, it functions %100 and looks nearly %100 throughout all of them. The site is best viewed in Chrome and Firefox.
-Added Meta Keys so that the site can be found by others.
-Fixed E-Mail messages that come through for DM's.
-Found a few places that were vulnerable for SQL Injection and fixed them.


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