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For those of you viewing and waiting for the beta testing period, this is for you! Part 1.
By: Talibar Zukro , on: 12/27/2012
I know that many come to the site and hope that something more will be available to the user and that we can start having some game play soon. The truth is that I want this game to be functional to a certain level before opening it up to the public. By doing so, I believe at least, it would eliminate much of the whining that would occur from players who become impatient. People constantly want to know: "When is this and that feature going to be released?" I hate to have to say "I don't know" or "Soon". I'd rather it all be there and in place and working as it should. So, like a commercial product, I want some completeness to this first and then a beta period next before I start accepting users to join.

So, to better have you understand what you are waiting for, let me fill you in.

The Framework:
The basic site framework. This is complete. The basic framework is in place and the whole site/game works as a CMS so that things can be added easily to the game without a hitch.

The Advanced Framework:
While the basic CMS functions heavily, I still want to add enhancements where every single aspect is maintainable via the administration client and not via source code or the database itself. This allows me to have a proper administration team when the time comes that can debug, fix and enhance the game/site without having to go through the code unnecessarily. This aspect still needs some work. The other feature to this that I wish to implement is a way for users and factions to create and use their own custom themes and share it with others, allowing the site to be more attractive to the user. All this is almost complete, but not quite. Estimated completetion time is around March 2013.

When I add a new feature, I do my very best to anticipate as many security flaws that it could have as possible. That means trying to figure out if a user can backdoor their way into something, if they can manipulate the code or even use SQL Injection, HTML Hacking to break through the games defenses. I ned to make sure that a user wouldn't be able to hack through someone else's account or steal their assets. I need to make sure that all users that sign up are actual people and not bots. There is a lot to do in this area. Therefore, before a new feature that is added and marked as completed, it goes through this test and thought process.

Advanced Security:
At the moment, user security is tight. Hacking through the site has been impossible, for me anyway. However, there are some area's as a whole that need to be protected more thoroughly. This means stronger encrpytion for passwords and profile data as well. Estimated Completetion: On-Going. Wont be done until all features are released and will always be improved on.

The main game play comes from the forums and there is still a lot to do. As of now, the only way to moderate a topic is via the database. The only moderation function there is, is that of an admin being allowed to edit a post. The following needs to be done with an expected finish date for that specific function:

--Ability to subscribe to a forum topic: January/February 2013
--Ability to lock a thread: January 2013
--Ability to delete a thread: January 2013
--Forum Moderator checking and functions: January/February 2013
--Forum Polls: February/ March 2013
--Forum plus/minus: February 2013
--Forum View and reply totals: January 2013
--Completed Forum BBCode: April 2013
--RPG Type Forums (With GM, to assign XP to the user: April/May 2013
--Scenario Type forum (With GM, but some minor extra features for the game so that players and GM's can do more than just the standard RPG forum things: April/May 2013
--Market forums for selling and buying items: April/May 2013
--Auction forums for running auction on sales: April/May 2013
--Services forum for offering services, looking for work or looking to hire someone: April/May 2013

In Part 2 I will explain what I am looking for in regards to the Game Universe itself and in regards to what I consider to be a completed game. I want to assure you that most of the features outlined above will not take that long to implement. That is a worst case scenario and I have actually put a lot of time ahead of what it will actually take for me to finish that up. The next point I wanted to make is that once Part 2 of this is explained, I am still going to have a beta testing period for the game where I will work those testers to death to make sure that the game works as it should and so that cheaters and hackers can not get through.

Stay tuned. For those of you that will stick through this period, it will be worth it, I promise you that.


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