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New Sync
By: Talibar Zukro , on: 12/21/2012
This is the first pre-production Sync for the game. Lots of progress has been made over the last few weeks. First off, here is the official site for the game:


Next up, the following items have been synced to pre-production:

*Added the ability to use Signatures with BBCode.
*Fixed some bugs and Security issues.
*The system now has the option to record events for each user action.
*Removed redundant source files and improved over all loading speed of the site.
*Added a FAQ to the site which is updated by the database.
*The top menu will now order menu items the way it is told to in the database.
*Home screen can now show more than just an introduction. It can now be a full fledged frontpage.
*Much of the site works as a CMS rather than hardcoded functions. Makes it easier to update game features or add new ones in the future without causing too much havoc if the simmaster and programmer goes inactive.
*Various undocumented fixes and features.

*The forums will now check for user bans.
*The forums now work with usergroups to give proper access when needed.
*Improved Forum Security.
*Added forum Signatures.
*Added forum breadcrumbs
*Added forum top menu so that you can switch between forums easily.
*Fixed a few bugs.

GNN (Galactic News Network):
*A system is now in place and will display GNN news as well as tell you when the news was last updated in a menu module on the main page.

*Fixed a bug where if you checked your outbox or sent pm box that the message would be marked read for the reciever.
*When a reciever deletes their message, the sender can still see the message in their sent box.
*Added PM Signature and Intro message that you can set up in your profile(Once a proper profile editor is set up).
*Altered the email message that is sent out to the user to be a bit more specific.

The Force:
*Added the ability for a player to be Force Sensitive.
*Force checks are performed on sign up.
*Added the ability for force users to have midichlorian counts.

Admin Tools:
*The administration now has a way to add ship types and species to the games.


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