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Description of roles for team members
By: Talibar Zukro , on: 2020-12-19 10:30:48
We are still looking for help in these area's. I decided to expand a little on the roles and what they do:

Roleplay directors: Basically they approve player requested campaigns, hand out rewards to the players and also start Admin campaigns. Part of their job is also to Moderate and GM Admin Campaigns and moderate player campaigns and make sure all rules are followed. This should really be a team to do this with one leader overseeing the other directors. There is an admin tool to use for this. You would also gain moderator privileges in the RPG Forums.

NPC Quest Directors: Over the next few months I plan to write a visual tool that involves no programming to create quests and NPC Dialogue. This would allow the directors to be creative and create characters and write stories that will forever shape the world in the game. While I write this tool, the directors would need to work on writing the quests up now and be ready to develop them once the tool is up and running. This will require a team as well.

Galaxy Team Members: Basically this team will write up descriptions for everything in the galaxy from planets, cities, etc.. They also will create new planets, systems, etc.. Move them around, correct any galaxy issues, etc.. The team for this is also responsible for working with the game historians to make sure timelines and history is accurate for each location.

Game Historians: This team will be responsible to be keepers of all history that takes place within the game. From timelines to planetary history. They will work closely with the Galaxy Team members as well.

Quality Assurance Team: These members will test that new features in the game work and that current features are behaving properly. They also collect data and opinions of players to ensure they are enjoying a quality experience.

Public Relations: Can be one person or a team. They are responsible for getting the word out and making sure that the game is in a positive light. They advertise through various means(Youtube, Social networks, forums, links, top sites, etc.) They do whatever it takes to make sure the game is out there and getting new players to join all the time.

Content Providers: I am hoping to expand the site to being more than just a game. I am also looking to add more content such as Star Wars news, A library of Links related to Star Wars, Star Wars Rumours, Star Wars movie, show and game reviews, etc.. I also hope to add a top sites or banner exchange eventually. Content Providers would work with PR as well and see what type of content is needed to boost the game's awareness and popularity.


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