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Adjustments to Ships/Vehicles and travelling
By: Talibar Zukro , on: 2020-06-09 23:08:55
Hi Everyone,

It has been a while. With the global pandemic, my attention had to unfortunately be shifted towards other matters. But it doesn't mean things have not been in the works.

One thing I will discuss here are vehicle and ship entities and how travel will work with them. Earlier we mentioned that travel will be instant. This will still be true. But in order to still limit abuse of the system and to give purchasing ships and vehicles a reason to be purchased, some adjustments need to be made.

[b]Ships:[/b] Ships will have 12 major statistics for in-game mechanics. Hyper, Sublight, Landing capability, Docking capability, passengers, ground travel, firepower, ion power, missiles, fire rate, hull and shields.

*Hyper will determine how many times within a day you can make a jump to hyperspeed within that ship. All ships will have Hyper capability.
*Sublight will determine how many system squares you can travel to within a day. All ships will have Sublight Capability.
*Ground Travel will determine how many city and ground squares your ship can travel per day.
*Landing Capability determines if a ship can even land within a planet's atmosphere.
*Docking Capability will determine if the ship can be docked with, has a hangar or both.
*Passengers determine how many you can have onboard your ship to travel with you.
*Firepower, Ion Power and missiles will obviously determine how much damage your ship can do.
*Fire rate determines how many times your ship can fire on someone within a day.
*Hull and shields determine how strong your ship is and if it can resist enemy attack.

[b]Vehicles:[/b] Much like ships, vehicles will also have certain statistics which need to be taken into consideration: Ground restrictions, Docking capability, passengers, ground travel, firepower, ion power, missiles, fire rate, hull and shields.

*All the statistics work the same as in ships. However, ground restrictions will limit where vehicles can travel to.

Both Vehicle and ship travel/battle will provide XP to the player. However, XP is minimum and is not determined by the distance traveled. Rather, it is determined based on your operating/piloting skills, etc.. and a random variable.

Even though in-game you have these restrictions, certain RP scenario's will still allow you to make unlimited use within it.

Now this does not mean the player will have restrictions for travelling. The player can rendezvous with other ships he owns or operates and switch between them. There is also planetary and inter-system taxi's that can take you anywhere and also star ports that can help take you to other planets. However, using a star port or Taxi will not earn you XP.

Stay tuned, these changes are coming within the coming weeks.


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