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Fighting the evil forces of the Vong
By: Talibar Zukro , on: 2020-02-04 14:54:46
I have implemented a Vong marauder battle. Currently, if you walk around a planet or grid or travel to a different planet, you may see a random Vong Marauder Spawn at your location. You can currently attack them with no limits. For the time being, you will receive random XP for each battle. If you successfully kill the marauder, they will disappear from your location. This is bare bones and I will be implementing better functionality in the future. For one thing... I will be creating a 1 minute refresh rate before you can attack another Vong or character. Eventually Marauders will have better drops than just XP. Most items will be rare too. They will be artifacts from Combine time era. In the meantime, keep searching and vanquishing them. Most likely on Thursday I will have a top score chart of who is vanquishing the most Vong as well as a field that reads: So many of this many Vong have been defeated throughout the galaxy. Stay Tuned.


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