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City Building
By: Talibar Zukro , on: 2020-02-02 11:15:13
Howdy folks!!

City Building is now possible. Go to your surroundings panel and select "Start city foundation" when you are at the location you wish to place the city.

Building a city costs 500 million credits and will take 7 days to build.

You will only be able to build a city at your location unless you meet the following requirements:

*You have 500 million credits
*You are building at a grid that does not have a city being built on it already or currently being built on it.
*You are not currently building a city already.
*You are logged in.

These rules are in place to avoid city slabbing across the galaxy. In the future, there will be even more restrictions to this feature.

If you do not have enough credits.. You have a way to earn them now. We released an OOGP exchange page. For every OOGP you exchange, you will currently receive 10,000 credits.
For now you earn OOGP for every NEW page you visit by gaining 100 OOGP. I am going to update the code so that a) you can not just keep hitting refresh on the same page or use some sort of software that simulates refreshing a page over and over. b) to track any that take advantage of this system. If you wish to earn OOGP, please use the features of the game and take advantage that way. EG: Join live chat, post on the forums, travel around a bit or attack fellow players. 500 page visits will earn you enough for 500 million credits. This earning system will be incredibly temporary however. Once more active members are around, the amount you earn will change. Eventually, you will also be capped at how much you can earn.


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