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OOGP exchange and city building update
By: Talibar Zukro , on: 2020-01-24 12:34:51
In preparation of the upcoming city building, vehicle/ship, npc/droid and item/weapon exchanges, we released an OOGP exchange page. For every OOGP you exchange, you will currently receive 10,000 credits. When more ships, vehicles, items, etc.. are released, you will be able to exchange for those as well. For now you earn OOGP for every NEW page you visit by gaining 100 OOGP. I am going to update the code so that a) you can not just keep hitting refresh on the same page or use some sort of software that simulates refreshing a page over and over. b) to track any that take advantage of this system. If you wish to earn OOGP, please use the features of the game and take advantage that way. EG: Join live chat, post on the forums, travel around a bit or attack fellow players. 500 page visits will earn you enough for 500 million credits. This earning system will be incredibly temporary however. Once more active members are around, the amount you earn will change. Eventually, you will also be capped at how much you can earn. This is in place to build an economy and a universe. But once the game assets are substantial, there will need to be other ways to use OOGP. Please note that eventually, in time, there are plans for more browser games. OOGP can be used interchangeably between such games in the future. So you may not want to waste them all on SW-BFS.

Also, so you are aware, City building will be the next travel feature implemented. Now this will be different than how it is done in the combine. Currently in the combine you can visit a planet and slab it within a day not allowing the change for any other players to have a fair chance at building. Most planets have slabbed cities with nothing built on them. This is a bit of a waste and add's very little advantage to players. Therefore, in this game, at first, to build a city you will need 500 million credits. Building a city takes 7 days. While the city is being built you can not build another city(Either for yourself or your faction) until it is completed. These rules will change eventually. The plan is that building a city will cost 1 billion credits, 1000 OOGP(Once the page visit earnings stop), 14 days to establish a city(While not building another in the meantime). But in addition to that, eventually, you will also need to clear the terrain of Vong enemies. And before you can begin construction of another city, the current one you build must have a power generator and at least two facilities, one being a residence of some sort and the other a business. A hotel can count as both and therefore you can build two hotels if need be.

City building will become available some time next week. Enjoy!


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