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We still need help!
By: Talibar Zukro , on: 2020-01-13 15:19:57
There is still a lot to do around here. And helping out will allow you to earn the lifeblood of the game: OOGP. These points/redemption awards can be used to make special purchases on entities that can not be purchased elsewhere except for direct trade with another player or faction. OOGP can be saved to even purchase force sensitivity(It will take a very long time to earn, but possible). OOGP are needed to create factions and build cities. OOGP are also used to create more data for factions such as additional departments and forums, etc... Don't run out! If we were to create a different game at any point, OOGP would transfer between games as well.

If you can help out, that would be great. An incentive to keep you active will also be to award players with OOGP every time you click on a page. Right now we use ads to pay server costs. After 7 years or so.. We haven't earned enough to cash out once or even earn enough to cover one month of expenses. So for the time being, we have added a feature where every time you load a new page, you will receive 100 OOGP. If you see an ad that is interesting, please don't hesitate to click it. This will increase our pay out. This OOGP award will not last forever though. So, take advantage of this now. Also note that clicking on ads will not earn you any rewards. In the meantime, we are working with affiliate programs where we can sell and promote Disney and Star Wars related merchandise. Our game is meant to not just be a place for roleplayers, but to also expose the fanbase to as much of Disney's Star Wars Franchise. So eventually, the ads will be gone. We will pay our costs directly by selling affiliate items directly related to Star Wars.

What else can you do? Host Role playing scenarios on the forums. This can earn you up to 1000 OOGP per post depending on the post itself and can earn you up to an additional 100,000 OOGP at completion of a scenario.

Want to join the administrative team? That also will earn you OOGP. Just private message me and I can get you set up with privileges and payment! This game can't last without you.

Of course, something you can all do is spread the news. Word of mouth is huge. Post on twitter, invite friends, advertise on facebook... The more people know about it, the more interesting the game becomes. As you have seen, we have made big changes and more big changes are coming.


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