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Next Phase of live chat
By: Talibar Zukro , on: 2020-01-13 14:05:18
Some updates to the chat system. First off, the location chat will show you below the message typing area who is online at the moment and at your location. The live chat will show you who is online site wide. There are some commands created for the purpose of RP and fun. These are the commands you can enter in chat that will make your life interesting while chatting up with other players:

/me Message - will return a description of what you are doing. EG: /me went to the store - will display:
"Talibar Zukro went to the store."

/trout name - will slap the named person with a trout. EG: /trout Keibak Aruu - will show:
"Talibar Zukro slaps Keibak Aruu around a bit with a large trout."

/away - will display an away message. It will also show an away status near your name on the list of online users.

/activity message - Will display that you are doing an activity and place that activity name near your name on the status. EG: /activity playing sabacc with a wookiee - will show:
"Talibar Zukro is now playing Sabacc with a wookiee"
Your name will show the activity as: Talibar Zukro[playing Sabacc with a wookie]

/back - will show that you are back and will clear whatever your status is. Play responsibly with these new features.

Faction chat coming next.


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