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Travel Updated to Stage 1
By: Talibar Zukro , on: 2018-08-20 22:33:43
Hello all,

Travel has been updated to Stage 1. You will notice the change now when you log in now and click on "Beings around you" link the "Surroundings" tab.

Let me start with the steps taken.

Step 1:
Within the galaxy, currently it has been populated with all sectors, systems and planets found on Star Wars Combine. Unfortunately, due to formatting errors, some sectors, systems and planets are missing and will be added separately in time. You may notice that when you select a sector, it wont have any systems and the same with some systems with planets.

Step 2:
We are in the process of importing all the planet terrains. As there are over 5600 planets... Terrain importing is harder than previously thought. We currently have some 2000 imported. As such, we moved all characters to the planet Utapau. It is a neutral planet and has terrain implemented.

Step 3:
Travel system with bare minimum functionality has been implemented. You can travel to all planets, but not all will show Terrain. As planets are imported, you will be able to see that terrain.

Step 4: New users can only select Utapau as a starting location.

So enjoy the interface and the over 5600 planets you can travel to. The next step is implementing ships.. Then timed travel with XP Rewarding, then City construction and then fixing up the missing systems and planets.


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