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New Versioning system being planned
By: Talibar Zukro , on: 2017-11-26 19:50:18
As a way of defining and knowing what is updated as far as software goes onto the website, you will have different engines at work with different versions. [i]The over all engine is calls BFS(pronounced Baffs). It's current over all engine version is 0.6031.[/i] It will consist of the following sub-engine modules and versions.

[b]Communication Engine - 0.71[/b]:
This handles all the chat, Notifications, Private Messaging, Instant Messaging, credits and OOGP transfer and such.

[b]Character Engine - 0.59[/b]:
This engine takes care of all the character details such as HP, XP and other stats as well as Bio info and skills as well as other abilities.

[b]Forums Module - 0.891[/b]:
The second most complete of all the features. All things forum related, mod/admin and otherwise.

[b]Travel Engine - 0.54[/b]:
This engine handles the galaxy and all their locations and stats as well as land, sea, air, space travel and sub-level travel. It also handles travel delays and rewards associated with it.

[b]Privilege Engine - 0.43[/b]:
The engine that handles assigning privileges from factions, admin and more.

[b]News Engine - 0.95[/b]:
The most complete feature of our site so far. It handles all Blog, sim news, GNN and such entries.

[b]Battle Engine - 0.04[/b]:
The engine that will handle space, land, sea, air, weapons and hand to hand combat and simulation.

[b]CMS Engine - 0.7351[/b]:
All site content, styling and such that does not fall into the other categories.

[b]Backend Engine - 0.870[/b]:
Most other engines will handle creating backends for their features. However, there are some tools that are separate from that and will need to be added into this engine module.


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