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Introduction of live content Beta
By: Talibar Zukro , on: 2017-07-09 14:32:03
With the progress that programming on the web has made, what with the use of Javascript, PHP, MySQL, CSS and HTML, etc... Adding live content updates to websites is possible with much ease.

Since I introduced Live Chats and live viewing of users that are online, I thought: "This is nice and useful, I should add more of this". I am taking a break for today, but I have changed two locations to show live updates on our games website. The first place is at the top after you log in. You will notice that it currently displays the number of users currently logged in within the last minute or so. That counter will update live now even if you do not refresh the page to do so.

The second place you will notice an update is on the notifications menu. Everytime something occurs, your notification button will light up, again, without you needing to refresh or reload the page. It will happen dynamically.

I plan on adding this feature as much as possible throughout the website, hoping that this will not disrupt anything for my hosting provider. The next places I plan to implement this is in the GNN, Game news, Faction screen, dashboard, force training and messages. I am also hoping to add some sound effects for things like notifications, news and messages.

Keep looking out for these changes!


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