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Chatting is up!
By: Talibar Zukro , on: 2017-07-09 09:58:24
Good morning folks,

I added chatting to the game. It uses our own code and server for the chat, so it is custom to the game. To chat, go to "Beings Around you". Anyone who is on that same screen, at the same location as you and is online will be able to see and reply to your chats in real time.

Once you leave the screen or change the location, you will lose the chat history.

The chat system is very basic at the moment. But it does what it needs to do for the time being. Just note, while you are able to see who is online at your location, you will not be able to know who is on the chat screen. So you may be typing messages blankly with noone really seeing them. I will be fixing that in a future update soon.

I am currently working on a few features for the chat system that will not be available for some time. For one thing, while you can see who is online from the beings below the chat, it is irritating to have to scroll down each time to see who is online. Instead, I will be adding a Beings online list to the side of the chat so you can all see who is active on that screen at your location in real time, like a real chat.

Other features I will be adding soon will be features similar to MIRC. For example, an /ME command would be useful. But I will also add other RP commands and things like slapping people with a large trout, etc...

So stay Tuned!


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