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Initial Regions, Sectors, Systems and Planets
By: Talibar Zukro , on: 2017-02-09 22:34:59
I am happy to announce that the initial Regions, Sectors and Systems for all the planets that will be introduced with travel have been implemented into the game database.

Furthermore, we have also added all the planets with their terrains. However, some adjustments need to be made to the terrain mapping. I have been able to add the planets I initially planned, but also a few more options for you to travel to should you choose:


What I have remaining to do with the system now is code the engine that allows cities and entities to be placed on the planets themselves as well as their internals. As of now, the internal room maps work mostly for space stations. This will be an easy addition however.

The tricky part, one I have the above implemented, is to create the travel system. As I said, in the beginning we will not have delayed travel times. Rather it will be instant. That is just for the time being. Stay tuned.


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