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2017 Quarter 1 Roadmap
By: Talibar Zukro , on: 2017-02-08 19:36:40
I wanted to give updates as to what our goals are for Star Wars Battle For Supremacy. It seems a few people have become interested in the game and activity(as far as logins, battles and training goes) has increased very much. This has increased my enthusiasm for developing this game further.

So what are my quarter 1 goals/roadmap for 2017? Here they are in no particular order:

1) Continuously fix bugs.
2) Add faction banning, faction leaving and setting faction privileges.
3) Fixing up the "join faction" page to look a little nicer and offer more details regarding factions.
4) Faction inventory. This includes the ability to view all developed inventory, assign and also switch hands. The ability to transfer credits will also be available.
5) Finding faction leaders for The Galactic Empire, Rebel Alliance and Hapes Government.
6) Preliminary skill development. This does not necessarily mean that the skills will be working skills, but rather a way to start developing those skills for when they are developed.
7) Additional forum features.
8) Better security on our website.
9) Editable faction content.
10) Cosmetic improvements.
11) Faction forum administration and moderation.

The next goal on the roadmap will be a bit ambitious and may result in either being fully developed and available to possibly being only partially developed and available. It involves the universe and travel system. This involves setting up planets and systems, facilities, stations, etc.. So it is a complicated development feature. I had started improving my previous code and the tools I developed for this back in the middle of January. I m still improving it as it is a giant and enormous task. So here is realistically what I am expecting to accomplish from this:

*Regions, Sectors, Systems, planets, ground and their maps.

Immediate planets available when the system is introduced will be the following:
-Yavin IV
-Nal Hutta
-Dromund Kaas

*Entities with internal systems: Facilities, stations, ships, vehicles and their blueprints.

Facilities will be simple:
-Jedi Temple
-Sith Temple
-Space port

-Generic Speeder

-Neb Frigate

Space station:
-Trading Station.

Obviously more will be added, but those will do for now.

*Instant travel system.
Less Likely to be developed: Travel system with real time delays. Now just keep in mind, the fastest space travel time between systems and sectors will be an hour. The longest will be 24 hours. I am not going with the whole 60 days of travel system.

This is all for now. We will follow up with more information soon.


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