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If you are interested in joining a faction....
By: Talibar Zukro , on: 2017-02-05 07:37:29
Good morning folks,

Now that the forums are fixed and we have factions and some basic functionality, we encourage you to start recruiting. At this time we have The Sith Empire, The Jedi Order, Black Sun and Mandalore should be set up soon.

We still need faction leaders for The Empire(Who I have someone who would do this now, but is thinking about if he will commit), The Rebel Alliance(Currently I am stepping in and leading on this until someone else steps up), and the Hapes Government. At this time, of these last three factions, you can only Join the Rebel Alliance and the factions mentioned above.

Please pick one of those factions if you plan on being in a faction with the game.

Faction leaders, we encourage you to recruit by posting GNN RP news or in the Roleplaying forums.

There will be some additions coming to Factions over the next couple of days along with ship inventory. I plan within this month to have a little more advanced travelling system going on as well. So stay tuned!

Happy recruiting!


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