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Server Management
By: Talibar Zukro , on: 2015-03-21 11:31:02
So I anticipated how much server resources would be used if all the registered users for this game were to become active and I would need a bit more power to get this up and running and not be overloaded.

For this reason I have added 2 additional VPS servers and an IRCD server.

In-Game location Chat and IRC Client chats will be held on the IRCD server. I was going to initially use MySQL to hold this data. However, it will kill the data usage and resources in the long run. So I decided to obtain an IRCD Shell Hosting Server. This will handle all room/location logs as well as chats that occur in-game. This in effect would also put less strain on the game connections allowing many users to connect to the game at the best possible speed.

Now the main game servers will still host the main database which will contain the game data, the user data, message data and forum data, etc... It will also host the main game images and user avatars/signatures.

New VPS 1 will host Faction images and external files. Like I said, this will take the load off of the main server and allow faction data to come through quickly as well. The faction game data such as forum and members list will still be hosted on the main Game Server.

New VPS 2 will host our testing server as well as our back up server and our sync server. Again, this is to put less strain on the whole server all together.

I am also hoping that with 4 different connections to pull from, hacking and data loss will be at a minimum for the game in case of any unfortunate issues or weaknesses. That is my hope anyway. So in total, we added 3 new servers to the main one to prepare for our future release. This has been weighing on my mind over the last few weeks and I had wondered how in the world I would allow running this game with all its features and users(Hopefully a lot) without having our host ban me for excessive use. So, let's hope this will do the trick.


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