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Still not dead--- More work being done - scripts
By: Talibar Zukro , on: 2015-02-08 20:25:44
Hi all,

Yes, we are not dead. Yes, progress on this game is slow as ever. I am no longer putting up deadlines or expectation dates. Unfortunately I need a little more time to work on this game and the features I have planned.

I am taking a lesson from other games that are similar. When something is somewhat done, its hard to get your character where you want it to be. If things are not planned accordingly, you end up also having to re-do a bunch of code.

The best thing to get established right now are some in-game devices such as items, travelling and scenarios. Artwork is essential as well as database structure. The more I tinker with this game, the more I need to change the database. In some cases, in order to work to how I would it need it to work, complete resets are needed. So, I know this is a frustrating wait, but the pay off will be worth it. Programming wise, with the exception of Star Wars Combine, this is the most advanced Online multi-player RPG Star Wars Sim. For now, anyway...

Moving on to the work I have been doing. Bug fixes on the forums and features are still being worked on. Scenario roleplaying is the biggest thing on my to-do list. I am excited to announce that I have begun work on a scripting engine today. The engine itself consists of two parts: Input and Output. Input is what the user puts in, output is what is displayed as a result.

The scripting engine will be available to all users for the following purposes:

1)NPC Dialogue and action scripts.
2)Automatic Player Dialog and action scripts.
3)NPC Posts to have your characters interact with during a scenario.
4)Item interaction
5)Electronic's Interaction
6)General Actions interaction

Most of these things will be limited to the admin team, however, you will be able to use them as well. As I said, the engine is a multi-platform engine that works on all aspects of the game on all browsers for all OS. You, as the regular user, will mostly use this scripting engine to have your NPC's talk and perform and for custom items that you may create.

The engine is my own brand of scripting that allows you to do the most basic things very easily - such as dialogue interaction. It would be as simple as this:

-->-->Greetings<--<--Hello there, my name is Talibar Zukro::ER

say("Good to meet you Talibar. My name is Mr. NPC.")::EC

Basically the script above will allow you to greet the NPC if you wish. In return the NPC Greets and introduces himself to you as well. So, as simple as scripting can get for dialogue interaction. However, as the root engine is Javascript, you will have some similar syntax capabilities that JS provides such as comparisons, conditionals, variables, etc..

The engine will basically parse(safely - no DB accessvor actual HTML/PHP Printing will be allowed nor function with this engine) into Javascript source code. The engine will have global variables that will allow you to access Player information, Faction information, planet/city/facility information and NPC Details. The scripting engine can be linked together via Global Variables that will be detected between scripts. This will allow for quests and adventures to be allowed.

What is currently coded into the engine:

1) Basic Dialogue functionality. Saying and responding is currently possible.
2) Some variables are available regarding the players details such as name, rank and faction.
3) Javascript engine for variable declaration, conditionals, comparisons, etc...

What is not coded:
1) Safety measures to prevent hacks or having the engine do things that it shouldn't do.
2) Some more Global Variables for players, NPC's, galaxy and faction.
3) Specific Admin and Quest functionality.

A brief description regarding NPC Dialogue for Scenarios:

In a scenario, a GM may choose to pre-program some NPC Scripts(Which can be changed at any point in the scenario). These NPC's are not found in-game and will only be found in a scenario. Basically, if the current roleplayer walks into a particular room, the GM may decide to pop up an NPC. The character can choose to roleplay as he wishes or give up the roleplay for a chance to talk to the NPC which will be pre-programmed. You must finish the roleplay. If the roleplay is cancelled for any reason, you may resume where you left off. If after a specific time or when the GM deems it necessary, the rest of the conversation can be simulated to completion.

So, even though things are slow, some major enhancements are being worked on for awesome functionality and game play. So hang tight!


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