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By: Talibar Zukro , on: 2014-08-17 21:31:37
Alright.. I have delayed bringing in any new features into a sync as I am working out some kinks due to factions. Some issues are occurring for factions. But when it is all said and done, the following "initial" features will be available for everyone who joins a faction:

1. - Private faction forum. You won't be able to exchange OOGP just yet. But you will have the generic start up forums for your faction.
2. - You will be able to submit a join request as well as leave a faction.

For Faction Leaders/Owners, you will start with the following features:

1. - Forum Moderation for your faction.
2. - Accepting/declining members.
3. - Banning Members.
4. - Viewing member list
5. - Viewing your factions credits and OOGP.
6. - Adding to the faction Timeline. This will remain permanent. Once you submit an entry, it can not be removed. All future leaders/owners will be able to see it.
7. - Submitting personalized Faction news for only your faction.
8. - Ability to post on the GNN for the respective category.
9. - Faction leadership privileges. Only one for now. This will handing over leadership to another user if you choose.

The game will start with 4 factions and not the original 3 I had in mind. We will have the Galactic Empire, The Rebel Alliance, The Hapes Government and Black Sun. We already have a leader for the GE. But I am taking applicants for the other factions. PM me if you are interested.

The faction feature is planned to be finished by the end of the week as long as my personal life goes as planned. If not the end of this week, a good chance that it will be next week. Keep watching this spot!


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