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Character Stories
By: Talibar Zukro , on: 2014-08-02 21:21:07
I decided that in addition to the SIM Aspect of the game and The Roleplaying aspect, I would also include a story aspect to the game.

There is a lot about your character we do not know. We are starting this game right as the battle of Endor is ending. Your character is a major player in the universe. So, why haven't I heard of you?!?!?!? Hence, I will be adding a couple of new features for character development. I am going to do this in three ways.

1) Roleplay Forums. Yes, we have scenarios and we have a freestanding RP forum. But I will add character based RP Forums which will be strictly based on your character and will allow others to join in on your story. The thread starter would get 15XP per post while everyone who joins would earn 10XP. Mind you these forums will be moderated for abuse. For every RP that comes to a satisfying conclusion, the thread starter will receive an additional 1000XP and participants 500 additional XP. Once concluded(Not abandoned), a moderator will check the status of RP and if he feels that some deserve more XP than they received, well, then so be it. These RP's are meant to serve as a prequel story to your character. These are public and viewable by anyone. The thread starter will also receive OOGP based on their performance and moderation.

2) Character stories. Now I personally like this idea and had wished some other games incorporated this. A Character story can be a complete novelization or a simple short story of one of your characters previous adventures. How will one be rewarded on this? You will receive 500 XP for each story you submit(Pending moderator examination). Based on what our mods think of your story, you will receive additional XP as well as OOGP for the story. All stories are publicly viewable and can be found under your profile or under our stories section(That will be added eventually). For every like you receive for your story, you will receive an additional 10 XP. I am really hoping for some crazy creativity here.

3)Personal Character timeline. Now, I already want to say that there will be a social networking feature built into the game already. This is not it. The timeline is how you see your characters story progress. There will be elements that only you can see, that the whole public can see or who you can choose to allow to see. It is sort of an expanded Biography from your profile with more restrictive access and such.

I am really trying to create a rich history of our game to compliment the on-going story that everyone will be participating in. However, in doing so things can become confused. So to make things less confusing, as things happen in-game, there will be an auto-processing system that will record major events for planets, cities, facilities, ships, sectors and systems and keep a timeline of it. Moderators and admins will keep a timeline of the game going as well for public viewing. Factions will have personal timelines. News articles will be archived. And now, players will have a timeline of their own. Why do all this? Because the game needs to be consistent. Before creating a story or jumping into one, do some research. Make it all make sense and flow smoothly. It will be hard and it will certainly not be perfect. But with enough effort, it will still make things interesting. Just had a brainstorm this evening and figured this would be a great thing to add to the game. I will keep you posted to its progress.


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