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Big Bang 2!
By: Talibar Zukro , on: 2018-08-15 11:03:32
We are making slow progress. But we have progress. We are up to 232 planets integrated Which means we have 42000 tiles which also means the potential for this game to have 42000 cities.
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Big Bang!
By: Talibar Zukro , on: 2018-08-14 22:52:22
So I have begun implementing planetary grids. As part of the travel system, I will allow worlds to be developed and controlled through use of cities. When travel is released, you will not be able to travel from grid to grid or city to city. This is more for world development and RP reasons. Eventually a travel system will be implemented.

At this moment, about 100 planets so far have been implemented into the game Universe. Over the course of the next 2 days, you will see some game slow downs as this game pulls from the swcombine servers. Once completed, there will be over 5500 planets with terrain grids in this game. A planet viewer and such will be made available for you when that occurs. Enjoy and thanks for your patience.
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New host and some changes coming in 2 weeks
By: Talibar Zukro , on: 2018-08-09 21:31:16
I know it's been a while since we had a significant update. Not too long ago I submitted a patch update to the site which fixed some behind the scenes things. We also added thousands of systems and planets to the game. Factions are here and finally working to an extent. The forums are fully operational and the RP Elements are functioning to an extent.

Over the next two or maybe three weeks you will see some other significant updates.

The first update will be in the form of a new host provider. After the current host pulled it's latest stunt, I no longer trust them. The other issue is that there are limited amount of MySQL connections which can hang up the game or suspend the service. The new host solves that issue. As a result, that means the current chat system can allow for some improvements as that primarily used the local host and not the database server for chats. We will no longer have it function in that manner as it is not reliable or feature full.

Another update will of course include further patches behind the scenes. The game uses some 800,000 lines of code that I developed on my own over the years. If you really think about it, that is too much code. It was over 1.2 million lines and I was able to reduce it making better use of classes, objects and such. Making use of Javascript also allowed a more AJAX interactive type website which reduced page loading, lines of code and such. These patches may never stop coming. But it is one that is also coming within the next few weeks. My estimated reduction of code will result in about 15,000 lines of code less. Compared to how much there is already, it seems insignificant. But it is not true. This reduces the load on the server, speeds up the game and site as well as makes coding more features in the future easier for me. It even makes it easier to find and trap errors and bugs.

A third feature includes better notifications for our users. The system is partially implemented. But due to the way the code was constructed years ago, implementing notifications was a pain and it was time consuming. This should be partially resolved with the new coding classes implemented. Therefore, implementing notifications should be an easier feat. You will therefore notice more notifications coming soon.

You may recall that the game setting has been changed from what it was originally established to be. This will now be a prequel game to the Star Wars Combine. It will take place in the Old Republic Era time frame of that game. This may not be an official prequel to the game. However, the story will be an official prequel story to a non-faction group within the Star Wars Combine. In time, it may be officially recognized within that community as well. As such, it is not necessary to play Star Wars Combine to play this game. Also as a result, you will notice content that will change to reflect that new history. You see it with the new factions that we have implemented already.

Discussing the subject of content... Even the sites content will be slightly updated to be more attractive to our users. That also includes a slight site redesign.

Monetary exchanges will also be possible between players, factions and faction to players and vice versa as well.

The next feature, which will be implemented a bit more later on, is detecting the force in a user and determining if they are a dark side user or not.

The last change will come in the form of travel and ship inventory. This is a temporary travel system as we make way for a more permanent one. This will come in a few phases internally...

1) Ship implementation. For now, ship implementation will not have room to room travel and will consist of bare minimum of functionality. The most important ones being sub-light travel and hyper-speed traveling. You can board and unboard a ship. Boarding and unboarding can be performed from ship to ship or station to station or planet to planet. A fleet of ships will be given to all factions. Each faction may disperse piloting capabilities to each of their members as they choose.

2) Planetary positioning. Every player will be moved to the galactic coordinates of the current planet they are on now. You will still be able to interact with other players as they are able to now.

3) Travelling. You will have the ability to travel whether you have a ship that you own/pilot or not. There will be a starport feature built into this early travel system. From there, you may choose a system and planet to travel to. The base travel time will be 10 hours, plus one minute for each coordinate distance. Each coordinate distance will earn you an XP in Starport travel. If you own your own ship or pilot one... You will instead have a base time of 5 hours. Distance will be calculated by a minute for each coordinate moved and then reduced depending on ship speed.For each distance coordinate travelled, you will receive 2 XP.

This system will be improved upon as time goes by. This is just an initial set up so we can have an additional way to keep busy and earn XP. It also gives us something to roleplay about.

So stay tuned and we hope to see you all soon!
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Apologies for game downtime
By: Talibar Zukro , on: 2018-08-05 18:27:09
Apologies for the game down time. Apparently it seems that my site was the victim of a "Phishing attack" which needed me to pay $94 for this and $60 for that plus $34 for this other thing... Low and behold, I fixed the issue on my own and realized that my supposedly "Legitimate" Host that I have had for over a decade uses this a trick to scam people into paying money for security fixes and updates that should not have occurred in the first place and could have only occurred from the host themselves.

With that, I will be finding a new host shortly. You may experience trouble for that. Thank you for your patience.
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New update
By: Talibar Zukro , on: 2018-07-02 11:19:41
Just synced up an update with nothing new. Just some refactored code and a bug fix.

Still looking for faction leaders if anyone is interested.
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Latest updates and my absence
By: Talibar Zukro , on: 2018-04-20 10:46:54
First off, let me apologize for my absence. There isn't a lot of activity on this site from the players and such and makes me lose my motivation. I believe with the SWCombine out there, players may see this game, become interested but then lose interest as it is not as fully developed as the Star Wars Combine. I get that. But the Combine has been in existence for over 20 years with multiple developers. I am only one developer and little motivation as a result of lack of interest.

But I still have the spark! The last few months have been hard. My dad was very sick and 3 weeks ago he passed away. Things have calmed down a bit. I am not ready to dedicate more time to this. Like I said, I added 5600+ Planets to the game. Terrain is coming next.

As far as development of the game engine.. The CMS Engine is at version 0.75. I have been working on refactoring the code behind the engine to be quicker, error free, more secure and easier to read. Once that is complete, I can actually bring on extra developers to help develop aspects of the game if they are interested.

The plan for now is this:
-Get actual traveling working in some form with terrains and space.
-Get more faction tools.
-Transfer credits from and to factions and players.
-Improved initial battle system.
-Some skills
-Some force skills.

So we are not dead. We are always updating and doing something, even if slowly.
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Travel Engine 0.60 - 5600+ Planets
By: Talibar Zukro , on: 2018-04-20 08:49:38
We have updated the travel engine to 0.60. This is mostly a behind the scenes update. We have also added 5600+ planets to the universe. We are in the process of updating the terrain next.
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New Versioning system being planned
By: Talibar Zukro , on: 2017-11-26 19:50:18
As a way of defining and knowing what is updated as far as software goes onto the website, you will have different engines at work with different versions. The over all engine is calls BFS(pronounced Baffs). It's current over all engine version is 0.6031. It will consist of the following sub-engine modules and versions.

Communication Engine - 0.71:
This handles all the chat, Notifications, Private Messaging, Instant Messaging, credits and OOGP transfer and such.

Character Engine - 0.59:
This engine takes care of all the character details such as HP, XP and other stats as well as Bio info and skills as well as other abilities.

Forums Module - 0.891:
The second most complete of all the features. All things forum related, mod/admin and otherwise.

Travel Engine - 0.54:
This engine handles the galaxy and all their locations and stats as well as land, sea, air, space travel and sub-level travel. It also handles travel delays and rewards associated with it.

Privilege Engine - 0.43:
The engine that handles assigning privileges from factions, admin and more.

News Engine - 0.95:
The most complete feature of our site so far. It handles all Blog, sim news, GNN and such entries.

Battle Engine - 0.04:
The engine that will handle space, land, sea, air, weapons and hand to hand combat and simulation.

CMS Engine - 0.7351:
All site content, styling and such that does not fall into the other categories.

Backend Engine - 0.870:
Most other engines will handle creating backends for their features. However, there are some tools that are separate from that and will need to be added into this engine module.

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Universe Update
By: Talibar Zukro , on: 2017-11-26 18:51:05
We have made some progress on the universe of the game. As of now we have 363 Sectors, 986 Systems and uhm... 5 planets. However, the new planet list will increase shortly. Once we have that I can briefly update my revision 0.54 version of the travel engine. It will be barebones and will allow travel to anywhere in the Universe almost instantly. But you will not receive any XP for it. At least not now. Once we have a delay in place, you will be able to do so.

You also will not be able to enter facilities. But you can travel on terrains and from planet to planet or city to city.

Version 1.0 will be released once time delayed travel is working, you can receive XP and you can travel in land, air and sea vehicles as well as move about rooms within facilities and said vehicles.
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Faction Name Changes - Done(Leaders needed)
By: Talibar Zukro , on: 2017-11-15 13:33:38
Good afternoon,

We have changed over the factions that required changing so that it can be more in line with the Old Republic Time Frame.

*Black Sun has now been renamed into "Eternal Crime Syndicate"

*The Rebel Alliance is now "The Galactic Republic"

*The Galactic Empire is now "Eternal Empire"

We still need leaders for all factions with the exception of Hapes and Eternal Crime Syndicate.

Let me know if anyone is interested in leading those factions. Thank you!

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