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Our Story begins...
By: Talibar Zukro , on: 01/04/2013
Our new Story begins. Watch out regularly for our GNN coverage of what will happen next and prepare to become a powerful new force in the galaxy on January 15th, 2013, as we begin allowing registration.
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Early joining
By: Talibar Zukro , on: 01/02/2013
Well, progress has gone far better than I expected this week. Just so you know we have updated the game a bit more, especially on the forum side.

The only thing left to do to get a basic forum running perfectly is:
-Subscribing to a topic
-Reply Totals
-Admin ability to hand out XP on RP posts.

That would get a generic Forum up with pretty much all the features that a forum would need, both on the moderation side of things and for the general public. On the client side the following needs to be done:

-Captcha for registration
-Adding a more complete list of species
-Allowing users to select a starting location for their character (Traveling will be disabled at this time).
-Password recovery
-Faction Joining

These things should be really the only things needed to get the RP "STARTED". However, from now until June, the game will be continuously developed and will contain all the features that I have "Invisioned" for the game itself.

So, without further interruption of starting this game, the official game story and Timeline will be released Friday evening, Eastern Standard Time, January 4th, 2013.

The Official opening of the game will be held on January 27th, 2013. We will take registrations again starting on January 15th, 2013. If you have already registered, your account will become deleted and you will need to re-register with the game.

Furthermore, for all those that register, starting on the 15th and ending on the 27th, will have a tool available to them that will reveal if they are force sensitive or not. This will be your only chance to do so via the game until character force testing is implemented within the game or whether you are discovered within a scenario. If you wish to remain ignorant to your sensitivity, you may choose to not use the tool in anyway.

By revealing the story release, registration and official game start dates, I feel I have given everyone enough time to figure out what they want to do with their character and get off to a good start with them as well as familiarize yourself a bit with the game FAQ and the partial rules that will be released with the game. It also gives the universe enough time to grab a select few force sensitive beings to start the game off on.

As mentioned, the game will be fully completed with the proper vision I had for it no later than June. Please do not ask when a certain feature will be released.

After a few weeks of play and noticing who the active players and knowledgeable, yet mature ones are, I will be taking requests to join the development and administration team in limited capacity so that those members can help fill in the universe content.

So, if this tickles your fancy, please, spread the word and let others know of the game!
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For those that are registering on the site...
By: Talibar Zukro , on: 12/29/2012
I know there have been a few people registering on the site. However, you may confirm your account, but an administrator will not confirm your account for game play. The only reason why we are allowing registration is for the sole purpose so that you can receive e-mail updates of the game's progress. If you do not wish to receive e-mails, you may simply visit the site regularly to keep up on its progress. But for the meantime, forum access and gameplay has been disabled. So, please, do not attempt to log in once you have created your account, just confirm it and visit us periodically or wait for e-mail updates.

This is because as was mentioned before, we are still in pre-production. Once the pre-production period is over, we will start taking beta testing applications and approve those on a beta testing site, not the public one.

So, while you may register at the moment, you will not be approved and once the game is out of beta and we go live officially, we will wipe out all user accounts that have registered to receive e-mail updates.

The purpose of the site being live at the moment is so that you can all see the progress being made, get used to the site and also make sure the site shows up in search engines.

I do apologize for the inconvenience and frustration, but I think its important that I inform you of whats going on. Thanks for your patience. The game's development is coming along nicely. The estimate for when this game will go live is expected to be no later than June 2013. Most likely, it will be sooner.

I will be taking applications soon for the administration team, so do keep your eyes on this area. Thanks again.
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Update 3
By: Talibar Zukro , on: 12/29/2012
We have a new update for those of you following:

-Set a fixed background image and centered it a bit on the main page.
-Added a new and official logo for the site/game.
-Did some cosmetic changes to the sites look.

Log in system:
-Returns you to the page you were on when you logged in so you do not lose your place.
-Checks to make sure that you confirmed your e-mail address and that an admin confirmed you.
-Checks to see if you have been banned from the game.

-Will check to see if you are a registered user already.
-Will make sure you provide an e-mail.
-Will send out a registration e-mail so that the user can confirm their e-mail account on the site.

-Added number of views to the forums.
-Added the ability to lock forum topics.
-Added new pinned and locked icons for the topics.

-The site functions perfectly for MacOS, Windows, Linux, Android OS, IOS, WebOS using Opera, IE, Chrome, Firefox and Safari and has a decent responsive setting for different resolutions and displays. Of course, not all the special design features are maintained throughout all systems and browsers as all are not completely compatible with CSS 3 and HTML 5 fully. However, for the most part, it functions %100 and looks nearly %100 throughout all of them. The site is best viewed in Chrome and Firefox.
-Added Meta Keys so that the site can be found by others.
-Fixed E-Mail messages that come through for DM's.
-Found a few places that were vulnerable for SQL Injection and fixed them.
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For those of you viewing and waiting for the beta testing period, this is for you! Part 1.
By: Talibar Zukro , on: 12/27/2012
I know that many come to the site and hope that something more will be available to the user and that we can start having some game play soon. The truth is that I want this game to be functional to a certain level before opening it up to the public. By doing so, I believe at least, it would eliminate much of the whining that would occur from players who become impatient. People constantly want to know: "When is this and that feature going to be released?" I hate to have to say "I don't know" or "Soon". I'd rather it all be there and in place and working as it should. So, like a commercial product, I want some completeness to this first and then a beta period next before I start accepting users to join.

So, to better have you understand what you are waiting for, let me fill you in.

The Framework:
The basic site framework. This is complete. The basic framework is in place and the whole site/game works as a CMS so that things can be added easily to the game without a hitch.

The Advanced Framework:
While the basic CMS functions heavily, I still want to add enhancements where every single aspect is maintainable via the administration client and not via source code or the database itself. This allows me to have a proper administration team when the time comes that can debug, fix and enhance the game/site without having to go through the code unnecessarily. This aspect still needs some work. The other feature to this that I wish to implement is a way for users and factions to create and use their own custom themes and share it with others, allowing the site to be more attractive to the user. All this is almost complete, but not quite. Estimated completetion time is around March 2013.

When I add a new feature, I do my very best to anticipate as many security flaws that it could have as possible. That means trying to figure out if a user can backdoor their way into something, if they can manipulate the code or even use SQL Injection, HTML Hacking to break through the games defenses. I ned to make sure that a user wouldn't be able to hack through someone else's account or steal their assets. I need to make sure that all users that sign up are actual people and not bots. There is a lot to do in this area. Therefore, before a new feature that is added and marked as completed, it goes through this test and thought process.

Advanced Security:
At the moment, user security is tight. Hacking through the site has been impossible, for me anyway. However, there are some area's as a whole that need to be protected more thoroughly. This means stronger encrpytion for passwords and profile data as well. Estimated Completetion: On-Going. Wont be done until all features are released and will always be improved on.

The main game play comes from the forums and there is still a lot to do. As of now, the only way to moderate a topic is via the database. The only moderation function there is, is that of an admin being allowed to edit a post. The following needs to be done with an expected finish date for that specific function:

--Ability to subscribe to a forum topic: January/February 2013
--Ability to lock a thread: January 2013
--Ability to delete a thread: January 2013
--Forum Moderator checking and functions: January/February 2013
--Forum Polls: February/ March 2013
--Forum plus/minus: February 2013
--Forum View and reply totals: January 2013
--Completed Forum BBCode: April 2013
--RPG Type Forums (With GM, to assign XP to the user: April/May 2013
--Scenario Type forum (With GM, but some minor extra features for the game so that players and GM's can do more than just the standard RPG forum things: April/May 2013
--Market forums for selling and buying items: April/May 2013
--Auction forums for running auction on sales: April/May 2013
--Services forum for offering services, looking for work or looking to hire someone: April/May 2013

In Part 2 I will explain what I am looking for in regards to the Game Universe itself and in regards to what I consider to be a completed game. I want to assure you that most of the features outlined above will not take that long to implement. That is a worst case scenario and I have actually put a lot of time ahead of what it will actually take for me to finish that up. The next point I wanted to make is that once Part 2 of this is explained, I am still going to have a beta testing period for the game where I will work those testers to death to make sure that the game works as it should and so that cheaters and hackers can not get through.

Stay tuned. For those of you that will stick through this period, it will be worth it, I promise you that.
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Site Update 2
By: Talibar Zukro , on: 12/27/2012
We have made a new update to the game client as you all may have noticed(Those of you who are here)..

*We have a new theme installed for the site. Therefore it looks different.
*The site now has a new and official logo displayed at the top of the page.
*Fixed some styling errors.
*Fixed how credits are displayed on the website. Now the comma's will be in the proper place.
*Made sure the site is a bit more responsive in terms of different resolutions or device displays. Not perfect, but it works in most cases and in every other case, everything is still functional.

*In the last update we added usergroups, now forums can have more than one usergroup assigned to it.
*Forum topics can now be pinned(Stickied) for the forums.

The Force:
*If you are force sensitive and known, your stats are now displayed.

Currency system:
*You can now see and exchange your credits.
*Failsafes have been implemented so that users can not cheat.
*Notifications will be sent to both parties that receive and send credits.
*If some day the user will have over a trillion credits, the system will now make adjustments to how it displays that on the menu so that it does not destroy the layout of the site.

Notification system:
*A way to record events in the game has been added.
*You now receive event notifications based on the credits system.
*Event alert system has been implemented to notify you of each time an event occurs.
*Event page has been added and will mark the alerts as read once you go to the page.

*As always, we looked for bugs and squashed them.
*With every update, we make sure that the system still performs with top notch security, so of course, we improved in this area.

Not as much or as promising as the last update, but I think the new site look really made a major improvement on the enjoyment of the site. Stay tuned. More improvements are coming.

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New Sync
By: Talibar Zukro , on: 12/21/2012
This is the first pre-production Sync for the game. Lots of progress has been made over the last few weeks. First off, here is the official site for the game:


Next up, the following items have been synced to pre-production:

*Added the ability to use Signatures with BBCode.
*Fixed some bugs and Security issues.
*The system now has the option to record events for each user action.
*Removed redundant source files and improved over all loading speed of the site.
*Added a FAQ to the site which is updated by the database.
*The top menu will now order menu items the way it is told to in the database.
*Home screen can now show more than just an introduction. It can now be a full fledged frontpage.
*Much of the site works as a CMS rather than hardcoded functions. Makes it easier to update game features or add new ones in the future without causing too much havoc if the simmaster and programmer goes inactive.
*Various undocumented fixes and features.

*The forums will now check for user bans.
*The forums now work with usergroups to give proper access when needed.
*Improved Forum Security.
*Added forum Signatures.
*Added forum breadcrumbs
*Added forum top menu so that you can switch between forums easily.
*Fixed a few bugs.

GNN (Galactic News Network):
*A system is now in place and will display GNN news as well as tell you when the news was last updated in a menu module on the main page.

*Fixed a bug where if you checked your outbox or sent pm box that the message would be marked read for the reciever.
*When a reciever deletes their message, the sender can still see the message in their sent box.
*Added PM Signature and Intro message that you can set up in your profile(Once a proper profile editor is set up).
*Altered the email message that is sent out to the user to be a bit more specific.

The Force:
*Added the ability for a player to be Force Sensitive.
*Force checks are performed on sign up.
*Added the ability for force users to have midichlorian counts.

Admin Tools:
*The administration now has a way to add ship types and species to the games.

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By: Talibar Zukro , on: 09/03/2012
Please proceed to the forums for full discussion of this project.
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