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A New Temporary Sim Minion
By: Talibar Zukro , on: 2013-07-12 18:11:22
At the moment, we have a new Sim Minion who will be participating in the role as a "Temp" Position. Meaning that for now, he will give up his ability to play as a normal character.

He will simply be helping with simple things such as moderating the forums and accepting Game Scenario's. At times, even rewarding players. This is so he can handle the PR elements and I can work on coding the game.

This new Temp Sim Minion will be "Keibak Aruu". Some of you may have known his character from previous Sims. Once he becomes a player, his character should be known as a refresh, per his request.

Keibak currently also provides me with some Temp space for hosting a development server. I keep my development files on a completely different server so that if someone were to hack the site or if I made a really bad boo-boo, it wouldn't affect the game. Again, his hosting is also temporary until I can get a new server for myself and move everything over.

Welcome aboard Keibak and Thank you. Lets hope we can sucker... err.. Keep you on as long as possible.
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First attempt at creating an environment
By: Talibar Zukro , on: 2013-07-09 22:19:29
You will see that in the left side of the screen, you have a "Your Surroundings" box. For the moment, you can see every player that is at your starting location. That will change once we have a more developed environment. However, this still marks the first run of an environment.

Faction Joining should be the next thing on my quick to do list. Enjoy!
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Want to earn some credits?
By: Talibar Zukro , on: 2013-07-07 19:30:53
Go here: Link

Play some games in the casino and win some big time credits.
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Timeline discussions
By: Talibar Zukro , on: 2013-07-07 09:54:55
If you were to read our Story section of the website you would notice there is a story in place for the game. However, this is open for discussion and is not a necessary fixed point, being that the game has not begun yet.

Head on down to the forum topic (If you are registered on the site) to discuss when the game should take place. Here you go: Link
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News Comments
By: Talibar Zukro , on: 07/06/2013
You may have noticed that now the public can view comments made on the news page and registered users can make comments on the news page. Enjoy!
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Things are proceeding
By: Talibar Zukro , on: 07/05/13
So I have opened up the site as a Beta to the current registered users. So I welcome the 32 that have been approved.

I am willing to accept a few more participants into this Beta Program. Join in and I will accept you. We just need folks to trial some things, mess with the forums and test new features as I develop them until they can break.

You are also free to play as a player during this time. Its your chance to start taking the lead in things such as leading a faction or becoming force sensitive, etc.. I am only offering this ability to a few people as a first come first serve, by the way.

If you play well enough, I will let you keep what you earned when we "Officially " open.

More news as to the progress of what has gone on will be revealed soon.
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We are still here.
By: Talibar Zukro , on: 3/7/13
Yes, I know we had not opened up the game as of yet and many of you who registered are still in limbo. I Promise we will open up with the game and the site. I am just working on a few features that would make you come back for more.

In the meantime, stay tuned. If you have already signed up, an e-mail will be sent out to you letting you know that the site has accepted you and you are ready to rock and roll.

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Getting Closer
By: Talibar Zukro , on: 01/13/2013
We are getting ever so close to our release date and a lot has gone on. Lets see what I have done in the last few days:

-Added Male and Female images of all species to the game.*
-Adjusted Image resizing so that whatever image you provide will still fit on the page without damaging the dimensions.

-When you scroll through the species and the gender, the image will change to that species and genders image.

-You can now vote up and down for a particular post. Very useful feature...
-Above the user's avatar, a link is now displayed to PM the user directly. You can also now view the user's profile by clicking on their name.**

Private Messaging:
-When you begin typing a name of a user, the field will search the database and will begin populating the "to" field with names containing the combination of letters you type in.

-Some Maintenance, Bug Fixes and Security improvements... As per usual.

Just a couple of notes:

*Species images are hard to come by. I am not an artist and at the moment, I am the only one developing this game. Therefore, some species images may not be of top quality. Also, be aware that I had to improvise as best I could with species gender. At times I could find an image for both a male and female of a particular species, other times, I just duplicated the image or found an image of one that closely resembled the opposite sex. This will be rectified in the future.

**I am not planning on implementing a "hide profile" option any time soon. If you do not want your information to be public, simply do not put anything in your profile.

Whats left to do during the next couple of days:

The Force:
-Allow a user to decide if they want the force sensitivity to be revealed to them. Please note, using this option will not "convert" your character to becoming force sensitive. If you are not found to be Force Sensitive, there will be no other opportunity in the future of becoming FS. This tool will only be available to you until January 27th. So its up to you if you would like to know if your character is Force Sensitive, or if you want to wait to be discovered IC. Perhaps you would rather live your career at this point in time without being a FS. That is fine. Use the tool at your own discretion. What ever the results are, it WILL NOT BE UNDONE.

-Need to revise Terms and Agreement for joining the game.

-Blanked out the forums, added some new ones, but still need to finish up a little on this.
-I need to finish filling in Faction Descriptions.

News Posts:
-Need to add a commenting section to the news posts. I am actually considering also adding this to the GNN news posts.

-Need to create an option for joining and leaving a faction.

-Need to add GM's to the forums. This is VERY simple and easy to do. The functions for this are already coded, I just need to do some fine tuning on the forum side of things and it will be done.
-Ability for Admin, Moderators and GM to hand out XP, Credits and OOGP for Forum Roleplays. This is also very easy to do.
-I need to implement Polls. This will be the hardest thing to implement and to be honest, I may not have this done by the deadline. Its not a necessary feature at the moment, but I really did want this done so that I can truly have a completed Forum system. So, we will see...
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Latest Update
By: Talibar Zukro , on: 01/10/2013
Again, another productive couple of days...

-You can type in a link and when you do, the forum will automatically convert that link to an actual clickable link.

Sign up:
-Added Starting locations to the sign up.
-Added more species.

-Improved general security. Its amazing how many places have security holes.
-Implemented Password Recovery.

-Added RSS capabilities to all news items.

-You can now change your password.
-You can edit your profile, which includes your signature(For forum and PM's), Your intro (For PM's), Bio, Physical Description, Avatar, etc..
-Added OOGP's to the game.

Looks better and better that we are going to meet the deadline for the 15th.
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Things are on schedule
By: Talibar Zukro , on: 01/09/2013
We are right on schedule for a registration release. Currently we allow you the ability to register on the site, but you will not be approved until the 15th.

Either way, I think a little news regarding the updates that took place over the last couple of days is worth hearing:

-Added reply count to the forums.
-You can subscribe and unsubscribe to a topic.

-Added Captcha and more security to the sign up.
-Your password must be stronger now.(At least 8 characters, 1 lower and 1 upper case letter and a number).
-A better list of species for you to select from.
-A wide list of Starting locations to choose from (Please understand, this is not the full list of planets that can be found in the game come July. We plan to have thousands more).
-You can now choose a gender. No, Neutral will not be a choice.
-An avatar, depending on your gender and species will be generated for you upon signing up. You may change it after registration within your profile page.
-Added a Math Equation for you to fill in (Just simple addition) for added security.

-Some slight fixups
-Some tighter security

Whats left to do before the 15th:

-Need to add the ability to post polls.
-Need to add plus/minus
-Need to give Moderators and GM's the ability to hand out XP and credits and OOGP.
-Blank them out and finish adding boards that need to be added.

News page:
-Need to add a comments field to the site news page, not the GNN.
-Need to add RSS feature for all news pages.

-Password recovery
-Add an OOGP field in the database
-Profile Editing

-Ability to join the factions that are available at start.

-Just need to add some general content (Faction descriptions, etc..)

-View others that are at the same starting location as you are on.

Do not worry. It seems like a lot, but this will all get done before the 15th. Most of those items have already been partially developed and just need some fine tuning. Be prepared!

After that, the goal for the 27th to the 30th is to add Scenario specific forums and some game rules for when it is finished.
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