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A call to arms...
By: Talibar Zukro(The Remnants of the Resistance) , on: 2019-12-24 13:53:08
A faint distress signal is transmitted throughout the known galaxy. From it, a familiar voice from before the genocide speaks, that of General Talibar Zukro.

"I do not have long before the Vong discover this transmission and trace this signal."

The signal cuts in and out and very muffled, but the idea is conveyed perfectly.

"Join.. Resistanc... can not let... the genocide has to end... You have a choice! ... and fight..."

The last few words came across in full clarity. "We need to be united against this threat!"

With that, the transmission was cut across the galaxy.

Ewok Elite Drop Team
By: Yub Nub Jones(The Remnants of the Resistance) , on: 2020-01-27 02:53:26
Hello fellow Remnants of the Resistance;

I am Yub Nub Jones and I intend on making a group of warriors to help us defeat the dreadful Yuuzhan Vong.

Together we will train, in the ancient art of Ewok drop tactics often refereed to as the most powerful form of ambush tactics in the known galaxy.

You need not be an ewok to learn these special moves, just a sentient with a desire to defeat the Vong and heart that rings true with the ideals of the faction.

Please contact Yub Nub Jones for further details.

Thank you,

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