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Q: Is this game a clone of Star Wars Combine?
A: No. We are a seperate entity that works on our own as a spin off to the game set 316 years in the future during the Vong war. We are not trying to mimic the Star Wars Combine. While some features may seem very similar, the intention was certainly not to copy it from the game. Sometimes, in games of similar nature, some features need to work the same or similarly. However, the game concepts core is entirely different than that of Star Wars Combine.
Q: When will the game be finished?
A: The games production may be ongoing for a long time. In reality, it may never truly be "finished". However, the game is functional.
Q: So, is this a sim or a Forum RPG?
A: Its a little of both really. The game will contain sim features so you can build up the visual universe as well as find yourself with something to do when you are not role playing on our forums.

However, the forums and rules are especially designed to promote role playing your character more so than other online sims.
Q: Is the game free?
A: Yes. There will be no sign up plan, no monthly payments and no buying of game assets or "pay to win" feature.

While the game is free in its entirety, there will be ways to gain "out of game points". One of the ways to gain such points will be through performing jobs and assignments for the administration. Other ways will be by role playing.

At this time we have no plans to accept donations.
Q: What are "out of game points" (OOGP)? How can one gain them?
A: Out of game points are points that are gained by performing tasks that are not completed in-game. For instance, you may provide art-work, forum moderation, programming, game moderation, donations, etc... So basically any task thats not in-game and is worthy of a reward will gain OOGP's.

These points can be used to obtain various In-Game things for yourself or your faction, mostly having to do with spawning of goods, conversion to credits and the general visual development of the universe.

As mentioned above, there are many ways to gain these points. Read the news posts to see how you can be of service so you can gain those points.
Q: Will you ever charge a fee for the game?
A: No. Never. Never will you be required to pay a sign up or monthly fee. The game will be completely free and fair to play.
Q: Why make the game the way it is? How come the timers and such are not like other games? Why are there no elaborate game functions to allow for making things harder?
A: As a game intended to be an unofficial spin off of the Star Wars Combine, we needed to find a way for the players that are there to continue to be able to play that game and use it's advanced features and time. This game is mostly made to be a prequel game that is played in your spare time. EG: When you are traveling for 30 days in hyperspace in SWC.
Q: Must we be members of the Star Wars Combine and Vice Versa?
A: No. You can play either SWC or this game individually and separately from each other. We are not officially connected in anyway to the Combine, so there are no such restrictions.
Q: Why is this taking so long to develop?
A: Development on this game has begun in September 2012. We have already come a long way with the game. The reason though that it is taking as long as it is, is because there is only one developer at the moment working on it. That means that one developer is programming the website, the game engine, writing the rules, filling the universe content and providing the images for the game.

While many RPG's try and use an already made Forum system or even a CMS such as PHPBB or Joomla... SW-BFS uses its own code for 99% of every single feature you see on this website or game and is being developed as a custom CMS in itself. This has been done to limit trying to learn other management systems and to have full control over what happens in the game while at the same time seamlessly integrate it all together.
Q: Is this game going to be a 2D or 3D or maybe even a 2.5D game?
A: It will not be 2.5D or 3D. It is mostly a text based environment that will use 2D images to display the world around you and its entities as well as your details and inventory.

The animations will be few, but the graphics will be plenty. Again, its a browser based RPG "SIMULATION". So there wont be any action sequences or 3D Imagery. You want something like that, then we should probably direct you to play SWTOR or one of the many other Lucasarts games that contain those elements.
Q: So clarify then, is this strictly a play by post game?
A: No. The character development happens on our customized forum systems. The engine will feature a travel system, that, while not as excessive as some other games, will allow you to take a couple of hours to travel between systems and planets. You will be able to move from location to location from something as large as a sector, to something as small as a basement room. Each location can contain other players, items, creatures, etc... that you can actually interact with in some way.

Now, even though the game is forum based, the forum system is designed to be GM and moderator friendly while providing an advanced action and play system integrated into it. In fact, GM's can assign XP's to the user right from the forum post itself while also applying HP damage for the scenario and location changing for the player, such as moving a player to a prison.

The player themselves can equip items to use in the scenario, display an action and change the location he is in within the scenario.

This intricate system has been developed to make role-playing more game like without losing its writing aspect. Do not be mistaken though.. There will also be a forum for old style scenario's and role-playing as well.
Q: In order to participate in the writing aspect of it, will we need to speak English and will we need to be excellent writers?
A: English: Yes. Expert writers: NO! You see, we need to have a common language to play off of here, however, since English may not be a primary language for everyone, the writing does not need to be perfect. So, while we want you to try hard to write properly and use paragraphs and quotes, we will not penalize you for improper use of Grammar, spelling mistakes or wrong use of words. Even my primary language is not English, therefore I understand why this is so important for the players.

What really matters is that everyone has fun, plays creatively and respects each other.
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