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Character Stories
By: Talibar Zukro , on: 2014-08-02 21:21:07
I decided that in addition to the SIM Aspect of the game and The Roleplaying aspect, I would also include a story aspect to the game.

There is a lot about your character we do not know. We are starting this game right as the battle of Endor is ending. Your character is a major player in the universe. So, why haven't I heard of you?!?!?!? Hence, I will be adding a couple of new features for character development. I am going to do this in three ways.

1) Roleplay Forums. Yes, we have scenarios and we have a freestanding RP forum. But I will add character based RP Forums which will be strictly based on your character and will allow others to join in on your story. The thread starter would get 15XP per post while everyone who joins would earn 10XP. Mind you these forums will be moderated for abuse. For every RP that comes to a satisfying conclusion, the thread starter will receive an additional 1000XP and participants 500 additional XP. Once concluded(Not abandoned), a moderator will check the status of RP and if he feels that some deserve more XP than they received, well, then so be it. These RP's are meant to serve as a prequel story to your character. These are public and viewable by anyone. The thread starter will also receive OOGP based on their performance and moderation.

2) Character stories. Now I personally like this idea and had wished some other games incorporated this. A Character story can be a complete novelization or a simple short story of one of your characters previous adventures. How will one be rewarded on this? You will receive 500 XP for each story you submit(Pending moderator examination). Based on what our mods think of your story, you will receive additional XP as well as OOGP for the story. All stories are publicly viewable and can be found under your profile or under our stories section(That will be added eventually). For every like you receive for your story, you will receive an additional 10 XP. I am really hoping for some crazy creativity here.

3)Personal Character timeline. Now, I already want to say that there will be a social networking feature built into the game already. This is not it. The timeline is how you see your characters story progress. There will be elements that only you can see, that the whole public can see or who you can choose to allow to see. It is sort of an expanded Biography from your profile with more restrictive access and such.

I am really trying to create a rich history of our game to compliment the on-going story that everyone will be participating in. However, in doing so things can become confused. So to make things less confusing, as things happen in-game, there will be an auto-processing system that will record major events for planets, cities, facilities, ships, sectors and systems and keep a timeline of it. Moderators and admins will keep a timeline of the game going as well for public viewing. Factions will have personal timelines. News articles will be archived. And now, players will have a timeline of their own. Why do all this? Because the game needs to be consistent. Before creating a story or jumping into one, do some research. Make it all make sense and flow smoothly. It will be hard and it will certainly not be perfect. But with enough effort, it will still make things interesting. Just had a brainstorm this evening and figured this would be a great thing to add to the game. I will keep you posted to its progress.
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A decision has been made regarding the User Base
By: Talibar Zukro , on: 2014-08-02 10:46:58
I evaluated all the work that would be required to convert every registered user to the new database that is on our staging server. Unfortunately, I can not move all your accounts to the new system once it is implemented. It would take weeks of work and I would rather spend that time programming features and fixing bugs to tell you the truth. My other reasoning for this is that there are a few characters with inappropriate names and we would need to change that. The best way to do that is with a complete reset.

This is not happening now, but within the next few weeks. You will all be sent an e-mail notification of the reset and the fact that you would need to re-register just a few days prior to it happening. There will also be a news post a few days earlier.

On a side note... On our staging server there has been a change to your location screen. In fact, under the "surroundings" category will now replace "Beings Around You" with "At Your Location". A bit more generalized. Below the "Surroundings" Category will contain additional links for creating fixtures, building facilities, etc... In the "At your Location" Link, the idea will remain the same. However, you will see a bit more than what you see now. You will have a travel tool, a room function area(Cockpit, casino, etc...), a section which will display all the loose items available for pick up, and the chat section(Still in Progress). Will be neat once in full action. Keep looking here for more of Dev News.
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Programming latest
By: Talibar Zukro , on: 2014-07-26 12:01:52
Sorry for the delay of appearance on my end. I have been programming on and off on an staging server to test some features without compromising any of the user accounts.

I am thinking at this point that because of how a lot of the new features are going to be programmed, that I will have to reset the game accounts all together. Not sure yet...

Here is what I am sure of:

I am going to require some assistance in the future in the form of some full time administrative volunteers. That means that I may need some players to focus more on development than on game play. At least for a bit of time. The administrative assistance I would mostly need is game universe design(Creating ships, vehicles, room maps, etc...).

Furthermore, I will be creating three factions soon. I want to keep the amount of features simple until the game has expanded enough to allow for more factions. We will start with The Rebel Alliance and The Galactic Empire as well as a mercenaries group of my creation. So I will need some leaders for this.

Also an FYI for you... I will be removing planetary travel in order to get a full traveling system working. What I will be doing is adding a space station to the game where you will all be located in. It will be located in an outer rim location and have about 12 rooms to travel between. A travel system will not be available until we have more planets and systems within the game. However, Once the location reset occurs, you will be able to move between rooms. Each room will have a live chat feature allowing you all to communicate with each other without delay as long as your browser allows Javascripts to run. Furthermore, One room will be a casino so that you have a chance at winning some credits and another room will have a market so that you can purchase some items to start with.

If I choose to reset the game character base, which is very likely, Everyone will start automatically with enough credits to purchase at least one weapon and item plus a random amount of credits that can be between 1 and 100,000,000 credits more than the base credits. Don't worry, not everyone or a lot of people will start with too many credits. But everyone will get enough to start with what the game has. Remember, there will be a casino. Work with that.

What have I been doing on the private server? Well a few things:

1) I totally revamped how permissions work. Now we have administrative, forum and user permissions. I will be adding Faction permissions in soon as well.

2) Added a faction forum type. This, when the public server is updated, will show up as a new board at the top of the forums page. The faction you belong to will have its forums appear there. If there is a forum you do not have permission to view, it will not appear. ***Please note the following after this are still being worked on*** If your faction decides to release a few forums to the public, everyone can see those forums. Forums will also allow you to add users or factions to the permissions so that not everyone in the galaxy can view those forums. Good for allied situations or if you own multiple factions that will work together, etc...

Every faction will be allowed a base number of forums they can create at start up which will be 4. In addition to that, each faction can create departments. At start up, you can only create 3 departments. Each department can start with 2 additional forums each. In order to purchase the ability to add more departments or even add more forums to a department or faction, you will need to use OOGP as this is a server feature. Factions will have access to all the OOGP that the owner has. OOGP can not be traded amongst players. However, players can donate OOGP to their factions. Their faction leaders can purchase or reward donations if they choose. Once the exchange has been made however for the OOGP, the player can no longer obtain them back. As long as the faction is in existance, you will always be allowed to delete or create as many forums and departments as you have purchased.

3)Forum updates.. Forums can now add groups, individual players, factions, RPG Scenario members, faction leaders or force users to a forum or forum category. Forums can in addition to the above, be password protected. Sub-forums have also been added to the forums as well as some administrative tools. ***In Progress*** Scenario tools are still in progress. This is a bit harder to do as it does require a lot of work.

4) The last feature I added was a basic Faction joining tool. Leaders can accept or deny users who want to join as well as expel users. You wont have much else to work with other than the private forums for your faction and a general news posting feature.

All these added things still have bugs in them, but I am working on them. I know it has been a long and drawn out ride, but bare with me. Eventually this will be a great game, I promise!
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Forums: WIPED
By: Talibar Zukro , on: 2014-04-15 19:28:09
OK, forums are wiped. Please refrain from adding new posts until we repost on the news that you can. Thank you for your cooperation.
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FINAL WARNING: Forums will be wiped Tomorrow
By: Talibar Zukro , on: 2014-04-13 22:21:55
That is right. Tomorrow I am wiping all the forums. So if there were any details or RP's you were looking to save, please do so now. You have been warned.

Thank you.
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Room Maps needed
By: Talibar Zukro , on: 2014-04-12 15:13:58
I am starting a little contest since actual grid travelling is arriving shortly. I just need to finish up some of the Galactic Map. However, in the meantime I have gone ahead and developed some images of facilities for the game. Just the ones that are important at the moment.

If anyone is interested in developing multi story grid based room layout (You can use paint, Excel, Word... Whatever can help you to show off the floor plans easily) you will be rewarded for each entry.

Here are the rules for this. Each facility MUST have the following room types:

*Control Room

Optional Room Types:
*Mechanical Repair
*Medical Room
*Surveillance Room
*Jail Cell
*Docking Bay
*Display Room (For museums, mansions, etc...)
*Recreational Room

One room is allowed to be more than one type.So you can have a Dining Room, Entrance/Exit and Control Room be all in one room.

The Grid system is devises this way: If I ask for a four by four room, you will need four rows across and four rows down like so:
If I ask for a 2x2, then it would be designed like this on each floor:

Etc... However, the rule is not strict. You have have 4x4, but every square does not need to occupy a room space. It may be empty. The Grid Size is basically just a rule or guideline to follow. So for instance, lets say we have a 6x6 facility. However, the first floor will not contain all 36 rooms. You may simply remove the spaces you do not want like so:

0000 0
00 000
000 0

I hope that makes sense. If something is multi-level, note how many stories they are and create a map where there are stairs in there as well. Please note, if you have a 100 story building and for some reason 20 floors need to be empty, simply create an elevator to skip those floors. Sub Levels it may have are considered to be the basement.

Now, here are the buildings I need done first:

Mansion (6x6, 3 stories, 1 sublevel)
5 different maps for 100 floor Skyrise Buildings (8x8, 100 stories, 10 sublevels.)
***Also needed are for 80 Stories, 70 Stories and 50 Stories all with the same sub level amounts.
Prison(8x8, 4 stories, 2 sub levels)
Imperial Palace (12x12, 60 Stories, 15 Sub Levels)
Jedi Temple (10x10, 20 Stories, 5 sub levels)
Sith Temple (10x10, 30 stories, 5 sub levels.)
Tavern (1x4, 2 stories, 1 sublevel)
Municipal Building (5x5, 5 stories, 1 sublevel)
Large Starport (15x15, 6 stories, 5 sublevels)

For each one you submit, you will receive a large reward. After these are done, more will follow. If you have questions, please post them in the comments below. Thanks Everyone.
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WARNING: Forums will be wiped
By: Talibar Zukro , on: 2014-04-12 14:52:56
Hello everyone. In order to make way for the changes and additions made to the forum system, I will be wiping the forums completely within the next few days. Please refrain from posting as after I wipe the forums, I need to get a few other things going. I may just remove posting possibilities all together just to be sure that nobody will post until I give the go ahead.

The changes are mostly for admin and internal coding functionality as well as to make way for the scenario system that is coming. One of the benefits of this new change will allow the following abilities which will not be implemented for another few weeks:

1) Ability to click on a thread and automatically be brought to the last post you viewed.
2) The ability to add individual users to a forum without having to necessarily be an administrator, moderator or part of that group.
3) Password protected Forums. With Moderators, groups and the above mentioned feature it would seem obsolete. But I am adding it anyway just in case it is needed.
4) Sub Forums within forums.

And the new forum code will allow even more features than what is mentioned. It also improves stability and administrative checking and editing.

So, this is your final warning. Most likely Monday/Tuesday, all your posts and topics will be gone. If you have a scenario you were working, save the information. Otherwise once it is gone, it is gone. If you have any questions, please post in the comments thread below.
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Forums wipe coming within the next few weeks
By: Talibar Zukro , on: 2014-03-06 23:08:38
The forum system is nearly complete on the backend. What does that mean? Well it means a few things. Moderator and administrative functions have been completely added. Which include:
*Creating boards
*Creating board categories
*Creating forums
*Moving Posts
*Moving Forums
*Moving categories
*Deleting Posts, forums, categories, boards.
*Editing posts
*Rewarding Scenario's
*Logging activity
*Adding moderators and GM's to forums
*Adding Groups to forums, boards and categories.
*Creating Faction boards (Big step into finally releasing factions).
*Adding users to groups
*Giving users specific access to forums and boards.
*Password protecting boards.

What is missing then?
*Scenario requesting and approving tool(Partially done, needs some fine tuning and a little more to add to it).
*I need to link up some features to in-game play. The inventory system and the galaxy system is all set up in the back end. However, factions need to be more fully implemented into this.
*Some scenario tools: Saving the RP into a PDF, separating chapters, closing scenario's, GM Notes, etc..
*Some cosmetic features such as voting up an entire thread, not just a post. Reporting abuse.
*Some Database touch ups for our Help Forum and for our Market forums. Market forums will have a public store, as well as an NPC Market. Factions can purchase private Game Markets with OOGP and can further make it public with some more OOGP. Market stores can contain auctions and an actual merchant feature. The Market forum will also have a classified section which will be kind of neat. The help forum will function as a regular forum as well as have a bug base built into it. I just need to touch up the database and how the code stores data between tables for this. I do not need to fully implement the features here.

I say within the next few weeks. I am estimating about 8 weeks. I wont wipe the forums now because it wont matter, everyone will just keep posting anyway. However, please look for things to look funny at times with the upgrades. Once I am done with what is missing above, I will be wiping the forums completely. Stay tuned for that.
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Some minor updates to the forums RPG stuff
By: Talibar Zukro , on: 2014-03-04 22:15:00
I have added a new way to display OOC notes and Actions notes on RPG's and Scenario's. You can see how it used to be and how it supposed to look like in this thread Link . Small update, but a noteworthy way to how the scenario boards will work.
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Slow going....
By: Talibar Zukro , on: 2014-02-01 11:53:05
Im not gone. But development will be slow on the game. As you can imagine, a lot goes into a site and game like this. Therefore, I am leaving the game in beta status. Development will continue slowly for now. However, hopefully sometime this year you will have a more interactive and lively game. I am sorry for the delay in this, but real life obligations come first. Chin up, we will get there.
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