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Room Maps needed
By: Talibar Zukro , on: 2014-04-12 15:13:58
I am starting a little contest since actual grid travelling is arriving shortly. I just need to finish up some of the Galactic Map. However, in the meantime I have gone ahead and developed some images of facilities for the game. Just the ones that are important at the moment.

If anyone is interested in developing multi story grid based room layout (You can use paint, Excel, Word... Whatever can help you to show off the floor plans easily) you will be rewarded for each entry.

Here are the rules for this. Each facility MUST have the following room types:

*Control Room

Optional Room Types:
*Mechanical Repair
*Medical Room
*Surveillance Room
*Jail Cell
*Docking Bay
*Display Room (For museums, mansions, etc...)
*Recreational Room

One room is allowed to be more than one type.So you can have a Dining Room, Entrance/Exit and Control Room be all in one room.

The Grid system is devises this way: If I ask for a four by four room, you will need four rows across and four rows down like so:
If I ask for a 2x2, then it would be designed like this on each floor:

Etc... However, the rule is not strict. You have have 4x4, but every square does not need to occupy a room space. It may be empty. The Grid Size is basically just a rule or guideline to follow. So for instance, lets say we have a 6x6 facility. However, the first floor will not contain all 36 rooms. You may simply remove the spaces you do not want like so:

0000 0
00 000
000 0

I hope that makes sense. If something is multi-level, note how many stories they are and create a map where there are stairs in there as well. Please note, if you have a 100 story building and for some reason 20 floors need to be empty, simply create an elevator to skip those floors. Sub Levels it may have are considered to be the basement.

Now, here are the buildings I need done first:

Mansion (6x6, 3 stories, 1 sublevel)
5 different maps for 100 floor Skyrise Buildings (8x8, 100 stories, 10 sublevels.)
***Also needed are for 80 Stories, 70 Stories and 50 Stories all with the same sub level amounts.
Prison(8x8, 4 stories, 2 sub levels)
Imperial Palace (12x12, 60 Stories, 15 Sub Levels)
Jedi Temple (10x10, 20 Stories, 5 sub levels)
Sith Temple (10x10, 30 stories, 5 sub levels.)
Tavern (1x4, 2 stories, 1 sublevel)
Municipal Building (5x5, 5 stories, 1 sublevel)
Large Starport (15x15, 6 stories, 5 sublevels)

For each one you submit, you will receive a large reward. After these are done, more will follow. If you have questions, please post them in the comments below. Thanks Everyone.
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WARNING: Forums will be wiped
By: Talibar Zukro , on: 2014-04-12 14:52:56
Hello everyone. In order to make way for the changes and additions made to the forum system, I will be wiping the forums completely within the next few days. Please refrain from posting as after I wipe the forums, I need to get a few other things going. I may just remove posting possibilities all together just to be sure that nobody will post until I give the go ahead.

The changes are mostly for admin and internal coding functionality as well as to make way for the scenario system that is coming. One of the benefits of this new change will allow the following abilities which will not be implemented for another few weeks:

1) Ability to click on a thread and automatically be brought to the last post you viewed.
2) The ability to add individual users to a forum without having to necessarily be an administrator, moderator or part of that group.
3) Password protected Forums. With Moderators, groups and the above mentioned feature it would seem obsolete. But I am adding it anyway just in case it is needed.
4) Sub Forums within forums.

And the new forum code will allow even more features than what is mentioned. It also improves stability and administrative checking and editing.

So, this is your final warning. Most likely Monday/Tuesday, all your posts and topics will be gone. If you have a scenario you were working, save the information. Otherwise once it is gone, it is gone. If you have any questions, please post in the comments thread below.
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Forums wipe coming within the next few weeks
By: Talibar Zukro , on: 2014-03-06 23:08:38
The forum system is nearly complete on the backend. What does that mean? Well it means a few things. Moderator and administrative functions have been completely added. Which include:
*Creating boards
*Creating board categories
*Creating forums
*Moving Posts
*Moving Forums
*Moving categories
*Deleting Posts, forums, categories, boards.
*Editing posts
*Rewarding Scenario's
*Logging activity
*Adding moderators and GM's to forums
*Adding Groups to forums, boards and categories.
*Creating Faction boards (Big step into finally releasing factions).
*Adding users to groups
*Giving users specific access to forums and boards.
*Password protecting boards.

What is missing then?
*Scenario requesting and approving tool(Partially done, needs some fine tuning and a little more to add to it).
*I need to link up some features to in-game play. The inventory system and the galaxy system is all set up in the back end. However, factions need to be more fully implemented into this.
*Some scenario tools: Saving the RP into a PDF, separating chapters, closing scenario's, GM Notes, etc..
*Some cosmetic features such as voting up an entire thread, not just a post. Reporting abuse.
*Some Database touch ups for our Help Forum and for our Market forums. Market forums will have a public store, as well as an NPC Market. Factions can purchase private Game Markets with OOGP and can further make it public with some more OOGP. Market stores can contain auctions and an actual merchant feature. The Market forum will also have a classified section which will be kind of neat. The help forum will function as a regular forum as well as have a bug base built into it. I just need to touch up the database and how the code stores data between tables for this. I do not need to fully implement the features here.

I say within the next few weeks. I am estimating about 8 weeks. I wont wipe the forums now because it wont matter, everyone will just keep posting anyway. However, please look for things to look funny at times with the upgrades. Once I am done with what is missing above, I will be wiping the forums completely. Stay tuned for that.
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Some minor updates to the forums RPG stuff
By: Talibar Zukro , on: 2014-03-04 22:15:00
I have added a new way to display OOC notes and Actions notes on RPG's and Scenario's. You can see how it used to be and how it supposed to look like in this thread Link . Small update, but a noteworthy way to how the scenario boards will work.
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Slow going....
By: Talibar Zukro , on: 2014-02-01 11:53:05
Im not gone. But development will be slow on the game. As you can imagine, a lot goes into a site and game like this. Therefore, I am leaving the game in beta status. Development will continue slowly for now. However, hopefully sometime this year you will have a more interactive and lively game. I am sorry for the delay in this, but real life obligations come first. Chin up, we will get there.
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What's next?
By: Talibar Zukro , on: 2013-11-19 02:04:39
We have rpg rewards implemented. You should begin seeing those rewards shortly by our rp team. There will be some massive updates coming the forum system to enhance roleplaying. First, however, we have some other things to work in...

What can you expect in the coming weeks?

1. Ships. You will be able to build a fleet soon.
2. A use for oogp to upload custom images.
3. Images for your injured and dead character.

For the staff... You are getting some new tools. Stay tuned.
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Good News Everyone!
By: Srota Ron , on: 2013-11-12 13:43:45
Good News Everyone! We now have a presence on IRC, I made us a channel on the Sorcery server, that's irc.sorcery.net, and the channel is #BFS.

Remember people, be sure to invite your friends to come and play!
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Latest changes... You may find bugs
By: Talibar Zukro , on: 2013-11-10 13:35:46
I have been implementing a few changes to the game itself. I have re-coded the original spawn tools, which work amazing wonders! So you will see at the moment that there is an inventory Tab to your left which contains a Weapons link. Yes, Weapons inventory has been successfully implemented. Weapons do not function yet, but they will eventually .

Coming tonight will be Inventory spawning and possibly ship spawning. At the current moment, because of how the travel system is done, all your inventory will basically follow you and remain at your location as long as you do. Rest assured, at this time noone can pilfer your belongings. However, once we developed a more functional movement system, your items will need to be placed at a location. When it comes to that, you will be allowed to choose the location. If you miss your chance to choose that location, all your items drop to the location your character is in. Ships/capital ships will be at your location/in orbit depending on its type if you do not set its location to drop to when the time comes.

Now I know that most of you are waiting for the items and weapons that were supposed to spawn a while ago. I will not be spawning those for you yet, but you should be aware of whats going on and no doubt when everyone begins seeing the weapons and inventory links, there were going to be many questions as to where those items were.

Another change on the forums is that now the moderators can assign rewards for the RP's. I know some have had trouble doing so, which makes me think there may some bugs in the system. So please, if you do not get your reward for a roleplay, be patient, we are still working out the bugs.

There are a few other things I would like to implement by this week, but I may be getting over-ambitious, so we will see how that goes.
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You may post on the forums again
By: Talibar Zukro , on: 2013-11-09 17:17:19
OK, I did my upgrade to the forum. You may now start or reply to posts. My update was mostly behind the scenes and to the database, however the changes I have made will immensely benefit the community as a whole.
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Forum tool fixing...
By: Talibar Zukro , on: 2013-11-09 14:28:21
Until further notice, I would like to ask anyone, including staff members, to refrain from posting on the forums(New topics or replies). I am working on an issue that would make RolePlaying a little more steady and easier to program additional features. If you must communicate with each other, please use PM.

This should be fixed shortly. Thank you for your patience.
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